In the name of the Benevolent Father of All, I Barnett Cole Sr., of Vernon township Crawford County Ohio, being of sound mind and memory, but impressed with uncertainty of life and desiring to arrange all my worldly affairs, do hereby make and publish this as my last will and testament;


In the first place I desire to say that I have already advanced to my sons S.S. Cole, Isaac and Barnet Cole about what is fairly due them, and I only make bequests herein to them to fully compensate them for kindnesses shown to me, or to place them more upon equally with each other.


Item 1st. In view of his relations to me in my old age, I give and bequeath to my youngest son James Cole, the south half of the south east quarter of section nineteen (19) township twenty (21) one, and of Range twenty (20) in Vernon township, being that part of the farm on which I now reside; and also in addition thereto all my farming implements and machinery whatsoever, stock such as horses, cattle, cows (except those given to my daughter Rebecca Cole) sheep, hogs, grains, seeds, poultry, and the bed and bedstead, all complete which I myself occupy; and still further in addition to the forgoing, one third of my household and kitchen furniture to be divided as directed herein, this to be in full of his share of my estate and all claims upon it.


2nd I give and bequeath to my daughter Rebecca, who has served me so faithfully, the following: Two cows, including the one she calls her own, two thirds of all my household and kitchen furniture to be divided as aforesaid. And also the two notes I hold against my son John C. Cole, and the three notes I hold against my son Isaac Cole each for one hundred dollars, in all five hundred dollars in notes, these I give and bequeath to her in lieu of claims she might have against me and for her faithful care and service over and for me these many years should I not deliver these to her during my lifetime I grant my executors to immediately hand them over to her for her own use and benefit with power to called.


3rd I give and bequeath unto my son Isaac Cole the remaining note I hold against him of one hundred dollars, which I give in lieu of sale on the services.


4th I also in like manner give one note to my son Barnet Cole, Jr. which I may hand over to him during my lifetime if not, he is to have one of his notes for like cause.


5th The remaining note on Barnet Cole, Jr. I give to my son S. S. Cole, being one hundred dollars; and I also furthermore direct my executors herein after named to pay to him the farther sum of one hundred dollars out of the first proceeds of the sale of the south half of my farm hereinafter directed to be made.


6th I expect to have some money on hand at the time of my death. It is my direction that my executor precure tombstones for myself and my late wife of similar character and pattern and that this money be used for that purpose and for my funeral administration and other expenses.


7th I give and bequeath the north half of the south east quarter of section nineteen (19) township twenty-one (21) and Range twenty to my eight children, share and share alike. To John C. Cole, Eliza Ann Bishop, Margaret Ramsey, Mary Pry, Rebecca Cole, Lovina Oltefelt, Sarah J. Carothers, and Lucinda C. Oltefelt; should they be able to agree upon a sale among themselves they can have the same immediately after my death; but in case they cannot my son James Cole shall have the use of it for the period of two years, where if not mutually divided or sold, my executor shall sell the same land at public private sale and make equal division of the proceeds the sale to be upon such terms as he may deam of most advantage to said heirs. Should there be any money left to distribute, it shall also be divided between the above eight children or their heirs.


8th I hereby nominate and appoint my son Isaac Cole as the Executor of this my last will and testament with full power to convey lands, compromise and adjust debts and do all things necessary to settle my estate. He shall also cause the appraisors to divide the household property as directed, and immediately deliver to James and Rebecca Cole their respective shares.


I hereby revoke all former wills by me made.


Witness my hand and seal this 26th day of February AD 1873


Barnett Cole

(X) his mark


Signed sealed and acknowledged by the said Barnett Cole, Sr. in our presence and in this presence of each other and at his request as witnesses to the same as his last will and testament. And we certify that he is now of sound mind and in our opinion competent to make the same.


Witness our hands and seals this 26th day of February AD 1873

Henry Gloyd

Peter Shoop

S.S. Bloom (X) his mark