Baptist Cemetery Urbana West          
Barger Cemetery Saint Paris          
Beltz Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Black Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Bodey Cemetery Saint Paris          
Britton Cemetery Mechanicsburg          
Buck Creek Cemetery Urbana East          
Butcher Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Cable Cemetery Kingscreek          
Calland Cemetery Northville          
Concord Cemetery Northville          
Connor Cemetery Saint Paris          
Cook Cemetery Urbana West          
Corbet Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Craig Cemetery De Graff          
Evergreen Cemetery Thackery          
Grace Cemetery Urbana East          
Grafton Cemetery Thackery          
Grandview Cemetery Urbana East          
Halterman Cemetery Saint Paris          
Harbour Cemetery Northville          
Harbour Cemetery Saint Paris          
Hazel Cemetery Mechanicsburg          
Hearst Cemetery De Graff          
Hewling Cemetery Northville          
Hill Cemetery Thackery          
Hopewell Cemetery Mechanicsburg          
Huddleston-Sills Cemetery Christiansburg          
Idle and Stevens Cemetery Northville          
Idle Cemetery Urbana West          
Jenking-Kite Cemetery Thackery          
Jenkins Chapel Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Johnson Cemetery Northville          
Johnson Cemetery Kingscreek          
Kenton Memorial Cemetery Northville          
Kingscreek Baptist Cemetery Kingscreek          
Kingscreek Cemetery Kingscreek          
Lutheran Cemetery Saint Paris          
Lyons Cemetery Saint Paris          
Maple Grove Cemetery Mechanicsburg          
Maple Grove Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Martin Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Mead Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Miller Cemetery Saint Paris          
Mount Carmel Cemetery Kingscreek          
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Saint Paris          
Mount Tabor Cemetery Kingscreek          
Mount Zion Cemetery Thackery          
Myrtle Tree Cemetery Thackery          
Neal Cemetery Fletcher          
Nettle Creek Cemetery Urbana West          
Newsom Chapel Cemetery Thackery          
Oak Grove Cemetery Kingscreek          
Oakdale Cemetery Urbana East          
Owens Cemetery Urbana West          
Pisgah Cemetery Urbana East          
Prince Cemetery Thackery          
Quaker Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Rector Cemetery Urbana West          
Reformed Cemetery Saint Paris          
Roberts Cemetery Fletcher          
Rosedale Cemetery Saint Paris          
Rusk Cemetery Saint Paris          
Russell Cemetery Saint Paris          
Salem Cemetery Saint Paris          
Scott and Pullins Cemetery Northville          
Shaffer Cemetery Thackery          
Sharon Cemetery Urbana East          
Shockey Cemetery Urbana West          
Sills Cemetery Christiansburg          
Smith Cemetery Christiansburg          
Snider Cemetery Urbana West          
Snowhill Cemetery Northville          
Sodom Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Spring Grove Cemetery Saint Paris          
Spring Hills Cemetery Bellefontaine          
Sullivans Cemetery Northville          
Terre Haute Cemetery Thackery          
Treacles Creek Cemetery Mechanicsburg          
Union Chapel Cemetery Urbana East          
Upper Honey Creek Cemetery Christiansburg          
Ward Cemetery Saint Paris          
Wesley Chapel Cemetery Northville          
Wilkson Cemetery Saint Paris          
Winn Cemetery Urbana East          
Woodstock Cemetery North Lewisburg          
Zerkle Cemetery Thackery          
Ziegler Cemetery Northville          
Zimmerman Cemetery Saint Paris