Aquilla Cemetery Aquilla          
Barrytown Cemetery Silas          
Bethlehem Cemetery Whitfield          
Bladon Springs Cemetery Bladon Springs          
Bogueloosa Cemetery Toxey          
Bonner Memorial Cemetery Toxey          
Brightwater Cemetery Melvin          
Bush Cemetery Butler          
Butler City Cemetery Butler          
Canathan Cemetery Butler          
Cedar Springs Cemetery Butler          
Christopher Chapel Cemetery Jachin          
Concord Cemetery Whynot          
Coopers Chapel Cemetery Silas          
Cullomburg Cemetery Millry North          
Ebenezer Cemetery Pennington          
Ebenezer Cemetery Land          
Episcopal Cemetery Lisman          
Eureka Cemetery Lisman          
Fairfield Cemetery Ward          
Floyd Cemetery Millry North          
Gilbertown Cemetery Silas          
Hall Cemetery Silas          
Harrison Cemetery Silas          
Hopewell Cemetery Pennington          
Lily Cemetery Butler          
Little Cemetery Ararat          
Loften Cemetery Isney          
Marvin Cemetery Butler          
McDowell Cemetery Bladon Springs          
McLendon Cemetery Yantley          
Millwood Cemetery Pennington          
Moore Cemetery Coffeeville Lock And Dam          
Moores Cemetery Coffeeville Lock And Dam          
Morning Star Cemetery Jachin          
Mosley Cemetery Toxey          
Mosley Cemetery Toxey          
Mount Olive Cemetery Jachin          
Mount Zion Cemetery Aquilla          
Oak Grove Cemetery Toxey          
Old Aquilla Cemetery Aquilla          
Old Bethel Cemetery Isney          
Old Lusk Cemetery Toxey          
Paragon Cemetery Toxey          
Pine Grove Cemetery Isney          
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Whynot          
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Ararat          
Providence Cemetery Land          
Red House Cemetery Pennington          
Resthaven Memorial Gardens Lisman          
Sardis Cemetery Lisman          
Scott Cemetery Land          
Seventh -Day Adventist Cemetery Silas          
Shady Grove Cemetery Silas          
Singley Cemetery Millry North          
Smiths Cemetery Silas          
Spencer Cemetery Putnam          
Springbank Cemetery Silas          
Stewart Cemetery Toxey          
Sykes Cemetery Butler          
Tims Cemetery Yantley          
Ward Chapel Cemetery Gaston          
Wesley Cemetery Butler          
White Cemetery Millry North          
White Cemetery Putnam          
Wilkins Cemetery Aquilla          
Williamson Cemetery Millry North          
Wilson Cemetery Ararat          
Womack Hill Cemetery Coffeeville Lock And Dam