Achor Cemetery New Vienna          
Baptist Cemetery Clarksville          
Baptist Cemetery Port William          
Bethel Lane Cemetery Wilmington          
Betterton Farm Cemetery Martinsville          
Bloomington Cemetery Bowersville          
Canney Cemetery Memphis          
Center Cemetery Wilmington          
Centerville Cemetery Sabina          
Chester Cemetery New Burlington          
Clarksville Cemetery Clarksville          
Clarksville Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Clarksville          
Coulter Cemetery Bowersville          
Cowan Creek Cemetery Martinsville          
Doan Cemetery Milledgeville          
Dover Cemetery Wilmington          
Evans Cemetery Memphis          
Friends Cemetery Blanchester          
Gaddis Cemetery Wilmington          
Garface Cemetery Sabina          
Garrison Cemetery Blanchester          
Grassy Run Cemetery Bowersville          
Haws Chapel Cemetery Wilmington          
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Martinsville          
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Blanchester          
Jeff Cemetery Memphis          
Johnson Cemetery Martinsville          
Jonahs Run Cemetery Clarksville          
Keiter Cemetery New Burlington          
Lieurance Cemetery Martinsville          
Luttrell Cemetery Memphis          
Lytles Creek Cemetery Clarksville          
Maple Grove Cemetery Port William          
Martinsville Cemetery Martinsville          
Memorial Gardens Wilmington          
Miller Cemetery Port William          
Mitchell Cemetery Port William          
Moore-Johns Cemetery Blanchester          
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Clarksville          
New Antioch Cemetery Sabina          
New Burlington Cemetery New Burlington          
New Burlington Cemetery Port William          
New Vienna Cemetery New Vienna          
Quaker Cemetery Clarksville          
Rehoboth Cemetery Blanchester          
Richland Cemetery Memphis          
Richland Methodist Cemetery Sabina          
Sabin Cemetery Clarksville          
Sabina Cemetery Sabina          
Salem Cemetery Port William          
Second Creek Cemetery Blanchester          
Sewell Cemetery Clarksville          
Sharon Cemetery New Burlington          
Spurgeon Cemetery Sabina          
Sugar Grove Cemetery Wilmington          
Swingley Farm Cemetery New Vienna          
Texas Cemetery Sabina          
Thorpe Cemetery Bowersville          
Turner Family Cemetery Martinsville          
Wade Cemetery Sabina          
West Chapel Cemetery Martinsville          
Westboro Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Blanchester          
Wilson Cemetery Sabina          
Yeazel Cemetery Clarksville