A. J. Ellis Cemetery            
Albrest Cemetery Nymph N31 16.878 W086 55.197     YES North side of Pocketbook Rd. 
Antioch Church Cemetery   N31 27.022 W086 43.517     YES SE corner of County Road 47 & County Rd 24
Antioch Methodist Church   N31 26.988 W086 44.061     YES North Side of County Rd 24 west of County Road 47
Antioch Primitive Baptist Church   N31 30.068 W086 57.465     YES North Side of County Rd 22 just east of Lake Shirley
Arkadelphia Cemetery Belleville N31 28.460 W087 03.448     YES North Side of County Rd 20 
Asa Johnston Cemetery Brooklyn          
Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery            
Ashley-Anderson Family Cemetery            
Baggett Family Cemetery            
Baggetts Chapel Cemetery            
Barlow Cemetery            
Battle Branch Creek Cemetery            
Belleville Cemetery aka Belleville Baptist Belleville          
Belleville Faulk A.M.E. Zion Church Cemetery     April 2013 YES    
Belleville Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery            
Belleville United Methodist Church Cemetery     April 2013 YES    
Bermuda Community Cemetery Repton          
Bethel West Cemetery Bethel          
Bethesda Baptist Church Cemetery Repton          
Booker Family Cemetery            
Bowles Assembly Cemetery            
Brantly-Thompson Cemetery            
Breckenridge Cemetery            
Brooklyn Baptist Church Cemetery     2011 YES    
Brown Beasley Cemetery Evergreen          
Brownville Memorial            
Brownville Methodist Church Cemetery            
Brownville Penticostal Holiness Cemetery            
Brushy Creek Methodist Church Cemetery            
Buffington Cemetery Castleberry          
Burford Cemetery            
Burnett-Donald-Simpson Cemetery            
Burnt Corn Cemetery aka Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery            
Burnt Corn Methodist Cemetery            
Carter Family Cemetery            
Cary Family Cemetery Brooklyn          
Castleberry Grove Baptist Church Cemetery            
Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Castleberry N31 17.367 W086 55.605 2011 YES   South side of County Road 6 west of Pocketbook Rd
Centennial Number One Baptist Church Cemetery            
Chappelle Methodist Church Cemetery            
Chitty Family Cemetery            
Cobb Family Cemetery            
Coleman Cemetery            
Concord Cemetery Bethel          
Conecuh Alms House Cemetery            
Cool Springs Cemetery            
Crook Family Cemetery            
Davison Cemetery Nymph          
Dollihite Cemetery            
Eli Salter Cemetery            
Evergreen Cemetery     April 2013 YES    
Fairfield Cemetery            
Fairviiew Church of Christ Cemetery            
Findley Cemetery            
First Evergreen Cemetery            
First Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery            
First Pentecostal Church Cemetery            
Flat Rock Cemetery            
Grace Baptist Church Cemetery            
Grace Misson Cemetery            
Greater Nazarene Cemetery Nymph          
Green Street A.M.E. Church Cemetery            
Hall Cemetery Old Town          
Hall Cemetery Old Town          
Hamden Ridge Cemetery aka Hamden Ridge Mission Baptist Belleville   April 2013 YES YES  
Hamden Ridge United Methodist Church Cemetery            
Hancock Cemetery            
Hartwood Methodist Church Cemetery            
Herbert Cemetery Old Town   April 2013 YES YES  
Holland Cemetery Castleberry N31 17.235 W087 01.298 2011   YES  
Holly Grove United Methodist Cemetery Nymph N31 17.998 W086 58.901 2011   YES NW Corner of CR 6 & CR 27
Homeplace - McNaulty Cemetery Paul          
Horton Cemetery Brooklyn          
House of God Church Keith Dominion            
Ithiel Lee Cemetery            
Ivey Cemetery Belleville          
Jacobs Family Cemetery            
Jeff Johnston Cemetery Brooklyn          
Jerusalem Baptist Church Cemetery #2            
Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery #1            
John Green Cemetery Burnt Corn          
Johnson Cemetery            
Jones Chapel Cemetery Old Town          
Joyner Cemetery Lyeffion          
Kaiser Cemetery China          
King Cemetery            
L Pond Church of Christ Cemetery   N31 17.360 W086 57.199 2011   YES  
Lane Cemetery            
Lee Cemetery Burnt Corn          
Little Pine Level Cemetery Lyeffion          
Living Way Pentecostal Church Cemetery            
London Cemetery            
Long Branch Cemetery Brooks   April 2013 YES    
Lyeffion Baptist Church Cemetery            
Magnolia Cemetery            
Marietta Cemetery Castleberry          
Martin Cemetery China          
McCall Cemetery            
McIntyre Cemetery            
Midway Cemetery Skinnerton          
Mobley Creek Baptist Church Cemetery            
Morris Cemetery Repton          
Mount Pleasant Methodist Church Cemetery            
Mount Rose Baptist Church Cemetery            
Mount Union Cemetery Old Town          
Mount Zion Cemetery Bethel          
Mount Zion Methodist Church Cemetery            
New Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery            
New Centennial Baptist Church Cemetery #2            
New Haven Cemetery China          
New Home Cemetery            
New Home Church of Christ Cemetery            
New Hope A.M.E. Zion Church Cemetery Burnt Corn          
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery Mixonville          
New Hope Cemetery Castleberry          
New Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery            
New Providence Cemetery            
Oak Grove - Maxwell Family Cemetery            
Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery     April 2013 YES    
Oak Grove Holiness Church Cemetery            
Oakdale Assembly of God Cemetery Repton          
Old Beulah Cemetery Nymph          
Old Brooklyn Methodist Cemetery aka Benjamin Hart Cemetery   N31 15.884 W086 46.084 2011   YES  
Old Ramah Cemetery            
Old Town Cemetery            
Olive Branch Cemetery Evergreen   April 2013 YES    
Owassa Cemetery            
Owens Chapel Methodist Cemetery            
Piggotte Cemetery            
Pine Orchard Cemetery Beatrice          
Pleasant Grove Church Cemetery            
Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery            
Price Cemetery            
Purnell Methodist Church Cemetery            
Pyburn Family Cemetery            
Rabb Cemetery Evergreen          
Ramah Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Range          
Range Cemetery Range          
Reeves Cemetery            
Repton Cemetery aka Repton Baptist Church Cemetery Repton          
Repton Methodist Church Cemetery     April 2013 YES    
Riley Cemetery Belleville          
Robertson Cemetery            
Robinson Cemetery Brooklyn N31 16.055 W086 46.218 2011   YES  
Robinson Family Cemetery Paul          
Russell Cemetery            
Ryals Cemetery Lenox          
Ryals Cemetery Repton          
Salter Graveyard            
Sampey Community Cemetery Frisco City SE          
Sandy Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery            
Sardis Cemetery            
Second Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery Lyeffion          
Sepulga Baptist Church Cemetery aka Old Sepulga            
Shady Grove Cemetery            
Sparta Cemetery Nymph          
Sparta Hill Cemetery Nymph          
Sparta Station Cemetery            
Spence Cemetery Evergreen          
Springhill Methodist Church Cemetery Repton          
Stallworth Cemetery            
Stallworth Family Cemetery aka Calloway Hodge Cemetery            
Straughn Cemetery            
Straughn Family Cemetery            
Sweet Home Baptist Church Cemetery            
Turk Family Cemetery Brooklyn          
Union Grove Cemetery Castleberry          
Walker Cemetery Garland          
Ward Cemetery - aka Ward-Witherington Cemetery China          
Warren Cemetery            
Welcome Methodist Cemetery            
Westside Cemetery            
Witherington Cemetery   N31 31.327 W087 00.420     YES dirt drive on south side of CR 22, west of Hwy 83