Able Cemetery aka Gantt City Cemetery Gantt N31 24.484 W086 28.769       At the end of Cemetery Road
Adams Memorial aka James Monroe Adams Memorial Antioch          
Adellum Cemetery River Falls N31 17.250 W086 31.342 Apr 2013 YES YES South side of Brooklyn Rd 
Andalusia Memorial Garden Andalusia N31 17.276 W086 28.212 JUL 2013 YES YES SE Corner of Stanley Ave & Easley Rd
Antioch Cemetery   N31 23.060 W086 22.980       East side of Antioch Rd just south of CR 57
Babbie Baptist Church Babbie N31 16.777 W086 19.531     YES Corner of Babbie Rd & Bowers Rd
Bass Family Cemetery            
Beda Cemetery Wing N31 03.056 W086 35.038 APR 2013 YES YES On west side of  Hwy 137 just south of Beda Rd
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery Opp N31 15.665 W086 13.051       On the south side of Hwy 52 east of Folsom St
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery Heath N31 21.631 W086 28.291     YES On the south side of CR 70 west of Hwy 15
Bethel Baptist Cemetery Opp West N31 10.207 W086 12.614     YES NE Corner of CR 89 & Bethel Rd
Bethel Primitive Baptist Church   N31 16.494 W086 19.751     YES NE Corner of Babbie Rd & Hwy 84
Bethesda Cemetery Loango N31 17.668 W086 39.958     YES South side of McTarajo Rd just west of Loango Rd
Bethlehem Cemetery River Falls N31 22.000 W086 36.543     YES East side of Hwy 84 across from Arrow Loop
Beulah Cemetery Kinston N31 13.765 W086 13.829     YES NE corner of Beulah Church Rd & Maggie Rd
Blue Springs Cemetery Onyca N31 12.521 W086 18.767     YES SW corner of Tweed Bell Rd & CR 32
Boles Cemetery            
Boyette Family Cemetery Harmony          
Bozeman Cemetery Gantt          
Bradley Assembly of God Cemetery Wing          
Bradley Cemetery            
Bradley Cemetery Straughn          
Brooks Baptist Church Cemetery Brooks N31 28.816 W086 41.193     YES West side of Gorum Bridge Rd just south of Ada Rd
Bryant Cemetery Dozier N31 25.873 W086 21.880       West side of extension off Collie Rd in woods
Buck Creek Baptist Church Red Level          
Bushfield Cemetery McKenzie N31 31.303 W086 41.126     YES West side of Garden Rd just south of Arnold Rd/Lucas Ln
Butler Cemetery Rose Hill          
Butler Cemetery Harmony          
Calvary Holiness Church Cemetery            
Campbell Family Cemetery   N31 10.685 W086 40.911 June 2011 YES NO On Private Property, off Hart's Bridge Rd, Access gate is locked
Carolina Baptist Cemetery Carolina N31 13.457 W086 30.536 APR 2013 YES YES SE side of CR 31 & Horace Davis Rd
Carter Family Cemetery Gantt N31 26.256 W086 24.411     NO North side of Howell Rd east of Sims Bridge Rd off road behind a field
Caylor Family Cemetery            
Cedar Grove Baptist Cemetery Babbie N31 21.129 W086 19.749     YES North side of CR 81 east of Babbie Rd
Cedar Grove Church of Christ Cemetery Andalusia N31 16.822 W086 32.612 2013 YES YES North side of Brooklyn Rd east of Cedar Hill Rd
Chapel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Florala N31 01.721 W086 14.001     YES North side of Hwy 54 west of Stovall Rd
Clear Springs Cemetery Florala          
Cold Water Church   N31 26.050 W086 24.788     YES North side of Dunns Bridge Rd west of Sims Bridge Rd
Conecuh River Baptist Church   N31 12.557 W086 37.874 Jul 2013 YES YES West side of Padgett Rd south of Teel Creek Rd
Conner Family Cemetery            
Cool Springs Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 17.780 W086 14.319     YES SE corner of Hwy 84 & Cool Springs Rd
County Line Assembly of God Church Cemetery Opp N31 17.238 W086 12.235     YES NW corner of Old Church Rd & County Line Loop
Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 00.991 W086 25.785 APR 2013 YES YES North side of CR 4 east of Glen Chambers Rd
Deen Family Cemetery Loango          
Dixon Cemetery           Solon Dixon Forestry Center
Enon Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 10.274 W086 23.560     YES West side of Cravey Bridge Rd south of Red Oak Rd
Fairmount Cemetery Red Level N31 23.992 W086 36.689     YES East side of Ealum Mill Rd in Red Level
Feagin Cemetery Dixie N31 13.395 W086 40.700       East side of Bar M Farm Rd off the road behind a field
Feagin Graveyard Rose Hill N31 26.523 W086 21.405     NO On the north side of Rose Hill Rd back in a field 
Findley Family Cemetery           dug up and removed to Fairmount
First Baptist Church Sanford Cemetery Sanford          
Five Runs Cemetery Libertyville N31 14.718 W086 25.790     YES West side of Head Farm Rd
Friendship United Methodist Church Cemetery Danleys Crossroads N31 24.271 W086 12.328     YES NW side of Friendship Rd
Gantt Cemetery Gantt N31 24.230 W086 28.406       North side of Sandy Landing Rd west of Coleman Ave
Gantt Memorial Cemetery   N31 23.684 W086 29.112     YES West side of Bush Isle Rd south of Point A Rd
Garwin Cemetery aka Old Loango Godwin Cemetery Loango N31 18.838 W086 40.923     YES West  side of Cameron Rd
Glory Tabernacle Church Cemetery Opp          
Gomillion Family Cemetery Red Level       NO on private property
Good Hope Cemetery Andalusia N31 31.253 W086 24.880     YES West side of CR 63
Good News Baptist Chapel Cemetery   N31 25.229 W086 20.202     YES East side of Good News Chapel Rd North of Antioch Rd
Gorum Cemetery            
Greenwood Memorial aka Florala Cemetery Florala N31 59.689 W086 20.354     YES West side of 6th St in Florala
Gridertown Church of Christ Cemetery   N31 15.162 W086 18.445     YES East side of Horn Hill Rd south of CR 77
Hardin Street Cemetery Opp N31 16.534 W086 15.281     YES West side of Hardin St south of Danley Ave back off the road
Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 21.413 W086 22.506     YES NE corner of CR 67 & CR 70
Harrison Cemetery   N31 04.997 W086 16.308     NO East side of CR 89 in a pasture on private property
Heath Church of Christ Cemetery            
Henderson Cemetery Opp West N31 21.567 W086 21.675     YES South side of CR 70 west of CR 81
Hickory Grove Cemetery   N31 16.210 W086 17.461     YES South side of Hwy 12/84 just west of Morning Star Dr
Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 15.429 W086 36.652 JUL 2013 YES YES South side of Brooklyn Rd across from Plywood Mill Rd
Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery   N31 00.126 W086 30.446 JUL 2013 YES YES West side of CR 20 south of CR 4
John Gent Cemetery            
Johns Cemetery Opp          
Jordan Grove Cemetery            
Jordan-Kelley Cemetery   N31 15.850 W086 34.461     NO West side of Padgett Rd in a field almost across from Salem Church Rd
Judson Baptist Cemetery Libertyville N31 11.879 W086 27.032 APR 2013 YES YES East side of Hwy 55 just south of Wamblesville Rd
Kervin Cemetery McKenzie N31 30.861 W086 37.693     YES South side of Welcome Church Rd West of T Bridge Rd
Liberty Hill Church Cemetery   N31 04.668 W086 26.198     YES West side of Tractor Rd just south of Glen Chambers Rd
Liles Cemetery            
Lockhart Cemetery (African American) Lockhart N31 00.333 W086 21.827     YES North side of Greasy Logging Rd east of CR 57
Lockhart Primitivie Baptist Church Cemetery Florala          
Macedonia Cemetery   N31 27.072 W086 19.325     YES North side of Straugh School Rd west of Moore Rd
Magnolia Cemetery Andalusia N31 18.663 W086 29.015 JUL 2013 YES YES Behind the court house in Andalusia
Mancil Cemetery #1 Red Level N31 23.498 W086 38.062       Not 100% certain of location
Mancil Cemetery #2 Sanford          
Marshall Memorial Cemetery Andalusia N31 17.532 W086 28.702     YES West side of Fern St at Stallworth St
McQueen Cemetery            
Mitchell Cemetery Loango N31 20.355 W086 39.851     YES North side at the end of Furman Rd
Mobley Creek Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 13.992 W086 40.325     YES North side of Brooklyn Rd just west of Mobley Creek Loop
Mott Church of Christ Cemetery aka Church of Christ Red Level N31 27.335 W086 37.103     YES West side of Lloyd Mill Rd across from Sweatt Ln
Mount Carmel Cemetery Red Level N31 28.278 W086 34.670     YES West side of Hesters Store Rd just south of Foley Rd
Mount Gilead Baptist Church Cemetery Dozier N31 24.660 W086 18.621     YES NE Corner of Driver Rd & Chalker Rd 
Mount Herman Assembly of God Cemetery   N31 00.767 W086 33.857 APR 2013 YES YES South side of CR 4
Mount Pilgrim Church   N31 19.524 W086 39.262     YES SE side of Eiland Rd
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery Straughn N31 20.686 W086 25.526     YES Intersection of Horsehead Creek & Antioch Rd
Mount Pisgah Church of God Andalusia N31 20.944 W086 24.848     YES North side of Horsehead Creek Rd east of Mary Williamson Rd
Mount Zion Spirit of Holiness Opp          
Mount Zion United Methodist Church Straughn N31 23.072 W086 25.187     YES On Straughn School Rd near Robin Rd intersection
Nall Plantation Cemetery            
New Home Congressional Church Cemetery River Falls N31 18.160 W086 35.581     YES East side of Plywood Mill Rd directly across from Prestwood Bridge Rd
New Home Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery            
New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery            
New Hope Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery            
Newell Cemetery Oak Grove N30 59.771 W086 33.525     YES West side of Stewart Rd
North Creek Cemetery Watkins Bridge N31 05.730 W086 25.648     YES West side of N. Creek Rd just north of Low North Creek Cutoff
Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 29.932 W086 29.211     YES At the intersection of Oak Grove Rd & Berry Dr
Oakey Ridge Cemetery Libertyville N31 14.927 W086 23.217     YES East side of Lindsey Bridge Rd north of Willie Moore Rd
Odom Family Cemetery   N31 23.633 W086 22.629     NO East side of Lindsey Bridge Rd in a junk yard…approximate location
Old Bulger Cemetery            
Old Hickory Cemetery           by Bethel Congregational Holiness Church
Old LDS Cemetery            
Old Patrick Cemetery Opp          
Old Sims Cemetery            
Old Taylor Cemetery            
Opp City Cemetery Opp N31 17.282 W086 15.134 2005   YES Brantley St & Harris Ave in Opp
Our Place Cemetery Red Level          
Parker Cemetery            
Peaceful Acres Memorial Gardens Opp East N31 15.785 W086 13.963     YES Hwy 52 btwn Hwy 331 & Hathaway Rd
Peacock Cemetery   N31 09.715 W086 39.580     NO South side of Rose Ln West off Hwy 29 - Approximate location
Pigeon Creek Baptist Church Memorial Cemetery Red Level N31 29.043 W086 36.962     YES Perry Rd & Clyde Rd
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery Dozier N31 28.405 W086 20.496     YES North side of CR 77 
Pine Level Cemetery   N31 17.463 W086 36.579     YES At the intersection of Grider Mock Rd & Pressley Rd
Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery            
Pleasant Grove Church Cemetery   N31 16.640 W086 38.941     YES East of Loango Rd just south of Furman Rd
Pleasant Home Baptist   N31 09.566 W086 36.365 JUL 2013 YES YES North side of Eagle Rd east of Hwy 29
Rawls Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 26.948 W086 29.952     YES East side of Boston Rd just north of Okey St
Red Oak Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 08.360 W086 27.672 APR 2013 YES YES SW corner of Hwy 55 & 1st Ave
Rhoades Cemetery            
River Falls Cemetery River Falls N31 20.786 W086 32.837     YES East side of Firehouse Rd just south of Hwy 12
Rose Hill Cemetery Dozier N31 27.176 W086 20.350     YES West side of Rose Hill Rd just north of Straughn School Rd
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 15.150 W086 32.973     YES South side of Salem Church Rd just west of Partain Rd
Sanford Baptist Church Cemetery Andalusia N31 17.994 W086 23.295     YES East side of CR 67 just north of Hwy 12
Scripture Truth Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 15.391 W086 20.728     YES CR 73 east of CR 45
Shady Hill   N31 09.067 W086 32.293     YES East side of Hogfork Rd
Shiloh Cemetery Gantt N31 06.924 W086 29.123     YES On East side of Shiloh Cemetery Rd off of Open Pond Rd
Shiloh Cemetery Watkins Bridge N31 23.502 W086 25.074     YES Intersection of Jones Dr. & Soil Surface Rd
Sippeo Cemetery Florala          
Smith Cemetery Dixie N31 13.217 W086 41.346     YES West side of Harts Bridge Rd back a dirt lane
Smyrna Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 04.807 W086 14.393     YES Near Smyrna Rd & Worm Rd intersection
South Church of God   N31 27.130 W086 37.009     YES East side of CR 107 north of Hwy 55
Southside Cemetery Andalusia N31 17.506 W086 28.777     YES East of Whatley St. at Main Dr.  
Stewart Cemetery Dozier N31 25.983 W086 21.502     YES NW corner of Holley Rd & Collie Rd
Stone Lakes Memorial Garden aka Hillside Memorial Andalusia N31 19.074 W086 25.530     YES South side of Hwy 12/84 aka Covington Memorial Garden
Sweet Home Baptist Church Cemetery Opp West N31 21.543 W086 16.522     YES NW Corner of Hwy 331 & Sweet Home Church Rd
Sweet Water Baptist Church Cemetery Opp N31 19.907 W086 14.048     YES CR 30 past Clark Ln
Teel Cemetery   N31 12.444 W086 38.160     NO On private property east of Conecuh River Baptist Church
Thomasson Cemetery   N31 15.524 W086 36.691 JUL 2013 YES YES North side of Brooklyn Rd west of Plywood Mill Rd & across from Hopewell Church Cemetery
Tyson Cemetery            
Union Hill Church of Christ Cemetery   N31 00.369 W086 42.651     YES South side of Union Lane west of Blackwater Rd
Valley Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 23.363 W086 15.886       NE Corner of Hwy 331 & Union Grove Rd
Veasey Chapel Cemetery            
Vera Cruz Church Cemetery   N31 30.354 W086 35.903       Pigeon Creek Rd & Vera Cruz Church Rd
Welcome the Way Baptist Church aka Onycha Baptist   N31 14.082 W086 17.508     YES CR 77 just east of CR 47
Welfare Church Cemetery            
West County Line Cemetery   N31 17.211 W086 11.947     YES County Line Loop Rd
White Cemetery            
Whitworth Cemetery            
Williams Cemetery            
Wing Cemetery at Wayside   N31 01.497 W086 36.567     YES East side of Hwy 137 in Wing off the road 
Zion Hill Baptist Church Cemetery   N31 23.809 W086 26.341     YES Zion Hill Rd West of Nalls Rd
Zion Rock Cemetery   N31 04.823 W086 33.079     YES North side of CR 102 at the curve