Alderman Cemetery                  
Antioch Church Cemetery   N30 42.175 W083 07.878 30.702924 -83.131304 N     YES SW corner of Hwy 376 & J'Frank Culpepper Rd
Boney Bluff Cemetery aka Bethel PBC Cemetery                  
Carter Cemetery aka Sardis Baptist Church Cemetery aka Old Lowndes   N30 42.606 W083 06.958 30.7101 -83.115971 N     YES North side of Barney Rd east of Sardis Church Rd
Carter Cemetery   N30 45.174 W083 03.745 30.752895 -83.062421 N     YES North side of Eugene Rd across from Shadetree Ln
Clayton Family Cemetery                  
Cumbess Cemetery                  
Haylow Cemetery                  
Howell Cemetery   N30 49.661 W083 02.530 30.827678 -83.042171 N     YES South side of Howell Rd back a long drive east of Hwy 135
Isom T. Carter Grave                  
Kinsey Cemetery   N30 40.392 W083 06.609 30.673196 -83.110149 N     YES North side of J'Frank Culpepper Rd west of Bethel Church Rd
Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery   N30 49.418 W083 00.605 30.823637 -83.01008 N     YES Back a long drive west off of Mayday Rd north of Shady Ln
Malloy-Moore Cemetery                  
Maloy Cemetery                  
Mary Carter Burial Site   N30 42.499 W083 03.656 30.708311 -83.060927 N     NO GPS Coordinates are estimate.  North and East of Hwy 135 & Hwy 376 
Mayday Cemetery   N30 49.724 W083 00.197 30.828727 -83.003286 N     YES SE corner of Hwy 129 & Brown Circle
Mount Pleasant Cemetery                  
Padgett Cemetery                  
Rewis Cemetery   N30 42.151 W083 01.334 30.70251 -83.022239 N     NO On private property behind some houses on south side of Hwy 94 east of Wildcat Cir
Staten Cemetery   N30 39.881 W083 01.788 30.664688 -83.029792 N     YES Back a long drive west off Hwy 11 (US 129) and south of Quinton Rd
Statenville Cemetery   N30 42.280 W083 01.880 30.704662 -83.031331 N     YES North side of Hwy 94 west of Hwy 11 (US 129)
Strickland Cemetery aka Strickland Family Cemetery                  
Swilley Family Cemetery                  
Tharp Roberts Grave                  
Wayfare Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery aka Cow Creek Church Cemetery   N30 51.313 W083 00.352 30.855217 -83.005872 N     YES On Wayfare Rd off US 129
Wrights Chapel Cemetery   N30 40.261 W083 05.014 30.671014 -83.083565 N     YES South side of Red Oak Rd across from Wright's Chapel Rd