Allen Cemetery   N40 05.298 W081 31.250 40.088306 -81.52084 Y 6/1/2014 Y Y East End of Candy Rd on South Side of drive
Antrim Community Cemetery aka Antrim Methodist Cemetery   N40 07.204 W081 21.748 40.120066 -81.362461 N     Y North side of Anderson Rd west of Cadiz Rd
Antrim Mennonite Church Cemetery   N40 07.490 W081 21.010 40.12484 -81.350166 N     Y 20360 Cadiz Rd
Bailey's Mill Cemetery         N        
Banker Cemetery   N40 10.749 W081 38.475 40.179148 -81.641244 N       South side of Guernsey Valley Rd at Early Rd - in this area
Barker Cemetery   N39 58.717 W081 14.033 39.978611 -81.233889 N       North side of Barker Rd/Track Rock Rd in the woods
Barnes Union Cemetery         N        
Battle Ridge Cemetery   N40 00.913 W081 30.847 40.01522 -81.514116 Y 6/1/2014 Y Y North side of Battle Ridge Rd east of Leatherwood Rd (SR 265)
Beaver Valley Catholic Cemetery         N        
Beech Grove Chapel Cemetery         N        
Bells Cemetery   N40 07.193 W081 33.352 40.119877 -81.555875 Y 6/1/2014 Y Y East (and a few on west) side of Old Twenty One Rd south of Sparky Ln
Bennett Cemetery         N        
Bethel Cemetery   N40 12.321 W081 33.614 40.205349 -81.560231 N     Y West side of Bethel Rd just north of Church Hill Rd
Bethel Methodist Episcopal Cemetery   N39 54.065 W081 35.076 39.90109 -81.584596 N     Y South side of Blue Bell Rd east of N. Star Rd
Bethel Methodist Protestant Cemetery         N        
Bethleham Cemetery   N39 57.170 W081 31.324 39.952834 -81.522063 N     Y Intersection of Vocational Rd & Trail Run Rd
Bichards Cemetery         N       East side of CR 35 on up hill just north of Cambridge State Hospital in the bend in the road (Can't see from road)
Birds Run Methodist Episcopal Cemetery   N40 09.955 W081 39.032 40.165912 -81.650541 N     Y West side of Hopewell Rd north of Worthing Rd
Birmingham Cemetery   N40 10.621 W081 26.436 40.177021 -81.440594 N       West side of Peoli Rd.  Enter first gate north of Sligo Rd and go through pasture to reach cemetery
Blackstone - Dolman Cemetery         N        
Bond Cemetery         N       In the area of Skull Fork Rd & Bond Ln
Buffalo Cemetery   N39 55.306 W081 30.858 39.921769 -81.514303 N     Y East side of Cherry Hill Rd north of Sunday St
Bunfills Cemetery         N       adjacent to McCoy Cemetery
Carlisle Cemetery   N40 02.826 W081 22.065 40.047099 -81.367742 N     Y North side of Bridgewater Rd east of Blend Rd
Center Baptist Cemetery   N40 03.918 W081 32.194 40.065301 -81.536563 N     Y South side of Cadiz Rd (US 22) west of Inland Rd
Chestnut Hill United Brethren Cemetery   N40 10.998 W081 21.508 40.183306 -81.358472 N     Y NE side of Titus Rd across from CR 78
City Cemetery aka Old City Cemetery   N40 01.297 W081 35.154 40.021621 -81.585894 N       Murray Ave & S 11th St.  There is public access but it is locked at all times due to vandalism
Clear Fork Baptist Cemetery aka Clear Fork Cemetery   N40 09.270 W081 26.490 40.154501 -81.4415 N     Y North side of Broadhead Rd east of Freedom Rd
Clear Fork United Presbyterian Cemetery         N       North side of Freedom Rd near Rye Ln
County Home Cemetery         N        
Cumberland Cemetery   N39 51.259 W081 39.884 39.854316 -81.66473 N     Y Both sides of N. Church St just south of Tooms Rd
Darby Cemetery aka Sugartree Methodist Cemetery   N40 10.213 W081 23.304 40.170213 -81.388406 N     N West side of Sugartree Rd
Douglas Cemetery         N        
Earleys Cemetery   N40 13.246 W081 36.865 40.220766 -81.614417 N     Y SW corner of Early Rd & Palmer Rd
East Union Presbyterian Cemetery   N39 58.009 W081 39.488 39.96681 -81.658134 N     Y West side of Claysville Rd just north of Barnett Rd
Eldon Cemetery   N39 57.889 W081 15.900 39.964815 -81.264992 N     Y East side of Barker Rd north of Leatherwood Rd
Elizabethtown Cemetery   N40 02.204 W081 24.428 40.036739 -81.407129 N     Y North side of Easton Rd across from Erie Rd
Emerson Cemetery         N        
Engle Cemetery aka Ingalls Cemetery   N40 12.488 W081 23.185 40.208135 -81.386418 N     Y South side of Titus Rd east of Martha Rd
Enon Cemetery   N39 57.785 W081 32.333 39.963089 -81.538889 N     Y West side of SR 821/S. 2nd St north of Cargnegie St
Fairview Corporation Cemetery   N40 03.221 W081 14.499 40.053685 -81.241643 N     Y South end of Cemetery Ln off of Oxford Rd
Fairview Methodist Cemetery   N40 03.492 W081 14.034 40.058208 -81.2339 N     Y North side of Oxford St 
Flat Ridge Cemetery   N40 11.858 W081 31.474 40.19763 -81.524563 N     Y At the intersection of Old Twenty One Rd & Church Hill Rd
Flat Ridge Community Church Cemetery Knox N40 07.740 W081 40.185 40.129006 -81.669753 N     Y North side of Hopewell Rd south and east of Swan Rd
Fletcher Cemetery   N40 02.037 W081 15.630 40.03395 -81.260495 N     YES At the end of Fletcher Ln off of Oxford Rd
Ford Cemetery   N40 02.491 W081 38.296 40.041524 -81.638272 N     NO West side of Church Hill Rd in the woods
Ford Family Cemetery         N        
Forney Cemetery   N40 10.654 W081 39.171 40.177564 -81.652858 N     YES At the north end and west side of Good Hope Ln north of Plainfield Rd
Founders Cemetery   N40 01.430 W081 35.374 40.023826 -81.589569 Y 6/1/2014 YES YES Turner Ave & SR 209 in Cambridge
Frame - Larue Cemetery         N        
Frankfort Cemetery         N        
Friends Cemetery   N39 58.053 W081 17.491 39.96755 -81.291516 N     YES North side of Leatherwood Rd west of Linn Ln
Gatchett Cemetery         N        
George Cemetery         N        
Gibson Station Cemetery   N39 58.522 W081 24.796 39.975365 -81.413265 N     YES NE corner of Salem Rd & Railroad St
Glenview Cemetery aka Tedrick Cemetery   N40 06.275 W081 26.096 40.104587 -81.43494 N     YES Small road/drive south off Blue Sky Rd just west of Glenview Rd
God's Knob Cemetery                  
Greenlawn Cemetery   N39 58.425 W081 17.560 39.973751 -81.292664 N     YES East side of E. Main St just south of Crawford Ln
Greenwood Cemetery   N39 58.048 W081 32.878 39.967463 -81.547962 N     YES West end of W. Spruce Ave in Byesville
Guernsey Cemetery aka Guernsey Methodist aka Wheeling Township   N40 11.742 W081 35.652 40.195704 -81.594193 N     YES West side of Zion Rd just north of 8th Street Rd
Guernsey Friends Cemetery   N40 09.321 W081 14.080 40.155349 -81.234672 N       North side of Macon Rd east of Freeport Rd
Guernsey Memorial Gardens   N40 01.544 W081 32.970 40.025741 -81.549507 Y 6/1/2014   YES North side of US 40 east of Art Bean Rd
Hague Cemetery         N        
Harmony Christian Church Cemetery   N39 56.364 W081 36.905 39.939402 -81.615082 N     YES South side of Clay Pike Rd (SR 313) east of Gregg Rd
Hawthorne Cemetery aka Morrow Cemetery   N40 06.244 W081 42.570 40.10407 -81.709501 N     YES South side of Grannys Knob Rd just east of Cool Springs Rd
Hendryburg Cemetery         N        
High Hill Cemetery aka Waller Cemetery         N        
Hopewell Cemetery aka Kackley Cemetery         N       West end area of November Ln off SR 313
Hopewell Methodist Episcopal Cemetery   N40 05.806 W081 38.699 40.096766 -81.644975 N     YES East side of Hopewell Rd (SR 658) north of Mt. Hermon Rd
Irish Ridge Cemetery   N40 10.904 W081 28.168 40.181734 -81.469461 N     YES North side of Clary Rd east of Broadhead Rd
Jackman Cemetery         N        
Jones Cemetery   N40 11.658 W081 34.139 40.194299 -81.568983 N       East side of Plum Rd back a long drive in the woods, south of Euga Rd
Leatherwood Cemetery aka St. John's Cemetery   N39 59.927 W081 22.007 39.998784 -81.366777 N     YES West side of Frankfort Rd south of Osborne Rd, back a drive behind some trees
Lebanon Cemetery   N40 03.687 W081 41.660 40.061458 -81.694328 N     YES South side of SR 209 east of Campfire Rd
Ledman Cemetery         N       CR 74 & CR 59 junction
Lobb Farm Cemetery         N        
Logan Cemetery         N        
Lore City Cemetery         N        
McCleary Cemetery   N40 07.587 W081 30.611 40.126451 -81.510181 Y 6/1/2014 YES YES In Salt Fork State Park
McCoy Cemetery   N40 06.242 W081 16.003 40.104031 -81.266717 N     Y South side of McCoy Rd just before the curve & across from Comet Ln
McQuade Cemetery aka Old Washington Presbyterian Cemetery   N40 01.624 W081 25.876 40.027065 -81.43127 N     Y West side of County Home Rd south of I-70
Methodist Cemetery         N        
Miller Cemetery         N        
Mount Calvary Roman Catholic Cemetery   N39 58.156 W081 33.596 39.969274 -81.559933 N     YES Driveway is north side of Pioneer Rd east of County Club Rd
Mount Calvary Cemetery   N40 00.701 W081 37.533 40.011691 -81.625543 N     YES SW corner of US 40 & SR 723
Mount Herman Cemetery   N40 06.803 W081 37.810 40.113385 -81.630175 N     YES SE corner of Lemon Hill Rd & Mt. Hermon Rd
Mount Zion Baptist Cemetery   N39 57.482 W081 35.513 39.958031 -81.591886 N     YES North side of Mt. Zion Rd east of Foxx Rd
New Kimbolton Cemetery   N40 08.491 W081 33.756 40.141508 -81.562607 N     YES East side of 8th Street Rd 
North Salem Cemetery   N40 08.511 W081 32.717 40.141847 -81.545288 N     YES East side of Old Twenty One Rd south of Plainfield Rd
Northfield Cemetery   N40 06.907 W081 42.199 40.115114 -81.703324 N     YES SW corner of SR 662 (Boden Rd) and Twin Sisters Rd
Northwood Cemetery   N40 02.554 W081 35.261 40.042573 -81.587681 N     YES East side of N. 8th St in Cambridge
Old Cedar Cemetery   N39 56.162 W081 40.844 39.936033 -81.680732 N     YES South side of Clay Pike Rd just west of Spencer Rd
Old Center Cemetery         N        
Old Hartford Cemetery aka Old Buffalo Cemetery   N39 54.951 W081 31.040 39.915855 -81.517326 N     YES East side of Saltzburg Rd across from Mineral Ave
Old Kimbolton Cemetery   N40 09.177 W081 34.402 40.152951 -81.573372 N     YES SW corner of Plainfield Rd & Cemetery St
Old Methodist Protestant Cemetery   N40 03.347 W081 14.359 40.055781 -81.239318 N     YES SE side of Cemetery Ln north of Fairview Corporation Cemetery
Old Washington Cemetery   N40 02.159 W081 26.589 40.035979 -81.443155 N     YES South of Old Mill Rd on both sides of Oak Ln
Oldham Cemetery         N        
Pisgah Church of Christ Cemetery   N40 03.690 W081 17.709 40.061501 -81.295145 N     YES East side of Pisgah Rd north of Bridgewater Rd
Pisgah Gap-Lapage Cemetery         N        
Pleasant City Protestant Cemetery   N39 54.583 W081 31.980 39.909724 -81.533001 N     YES SE of the intersection of Pleasant Rd & Kackley Rd
Pleasant Hill Cemetery aka Pleasant Hill United Presbyterian Cemetery   N40 05.329 W081 31.255 40.088813 -81.520912 N     YES East end of Candy Rd on north side of drive
Pleasant Hill Methodist Protestant Cemetery   N40 11.547 W081 20.841 40.192451 -81.347344 N     YES NE corner of Sligo Rd & Camp Ln
Quaker City - Green Oak Cemetery         N        
Reasoner Burying Ground         N        
Richland Cemetery aka Richland Meeting Cemetery         N        
Saint Michael Byzantine Catholic Cemetery         N        
Saint Michael Greek Orthodox Cemetery   N39 57.624 W081 30.168 39.960398 -81.502797 N     YES North side of Trail Run Rd east of Vocational Rd
Saint Patricks Cemetery   N39 58.574 W081 23.921 39.976234 -81.398687 N     YES East side of Gliden Rd north of Raven Rd
Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery         N        
Salem Baptist Cemetery   N39 57.878 W081 24.845 39.964635 -81.414088 N     YES West side of Salem Rd across from New Gottengen Rd
Salem Township Cemetery         N        
Salesville Hill United Brethren Cemetery   N39 58.660 W081 20.262 39.977665 -81.337701 N     YES North end of Elegy Lane
Salesville Methodist Episcopal Cemetery   N39 58.503 W081 20.482 39.975048 -81.341373 N     YES South side of SR 265 just west of Salesville
Salt Fork Baptist Cemetery   N40 04.630 W081 19.620 40.077172 -81.326997 N     YES East of the church at Salt Fork Circle & Baptist Rd
Sandhill Cemetery aka Sandhill United Presbyterian Cemetery   N39 58.196 W081 21.993 39.969934 -81.366551 N     NO At the edge of a field east of Frankfort Rd 
Sandy Valley Baptist Cemetery         N        
Sarchet Run Cemetery   N40 04.517 W081 38.191 40.075286 -81.636516 N     YES West side of Hopewell Rd north of Ratliffe Ln
Scotch Covenanter Cemetery aka Londonderry Methodist   N40 09.379 W081 18.089 40.156315 -81.301489 N     YES West side of East Ln north of Erin Ln
Senecaville Cemetery   N39 56.361 W081 27.783 39.939348 -81.46321 N     YES SW corner of Robins Rd & N. High St
Sigman Cemetery         N        
Speer Cemetery         N        
Spencer Cemetery         N        
Stout Cemetery         N        
Sunnyfrank Cemetery         N        
Sunset View Cemetery Londonderry N40 08.996 W081 17.934 40.149935 -81.298898 N     YES East side of Pennyroyal Rd south of South St
Union Hill Cemetery         N        
United Presbyterian Cemetery aka Antrim United Presbyterian Cemetery   N40 07.193 W081 21.439 40.119883 -81.357318 N     YES North side of Pike St east of Cadiz Rd
Warne Cemetery         N        
Weaver Cemetery   N39 59.171 W081 24.364 39.986188 -81.406074 N     NO In the middle of a field north of Leatherwood Rd across from Buckskin Ln
Williams Cemetery         N        
Winterset Cemetery   N40 06.422 W081 24.939 40.107038 -81.415654 N     NO Back a long drive north off of North St
Worthing Cemetery   N40 09.734 W081 38.991 40.162239 -81.649854 N       North of a long drive east off of Hopewell Rd
Yankee Point Cemetery         N        
Zion Cemetery   N30 57.902 W081 39.712 39.965042 -81.66186 N     YES West side of Claysville Rd south of Barnett Rd