Antioch Cemetery Logan          
Asbury Cemetery Union Furnace          
Berry Cemetery Laurelville          
Bethany Cemetery Clearport          
Bethel Cemetery Laurelville          
Blackjack Cemetery New Plymouth          
Boling Cemetery Rockbridge          
Brethren Cemetery Logan          
Brown Cemetery Rockbridge          
Buchtel Cemetery Nelsonville          
Buena Vista Cemetery Clearport          
Carbon Hill Cemetery Nelsonville          
Centenary Cemetery Logan          
Croy Cemetery Union Furnace          
Davis Cemetery Laurelville          
Dawley Cemetery Gore          
Dew Cemetery Nelsonville          
Dixon Cemetery Nelsonville          
Dunkard Cemetery Logan          
Ebenezer Cemetery Gore          
Evangelical Cemetery Logan          
Ewing Cemetery New Plymouth          
Fairview Cemetery New Plymouth          
Fairview Cemetery Rockbridge          
Fellowship Cemetery Gore          
Flagdale Cemetery Bremen          
Friend Cemetery Laurelville          
Gore Cemetery Gore          
Grant-Moore Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Green Township Cemetery Gore          
Groves Cemetery Union Furnace          
Hansen Cemetery Rockbridge          
Haydenville Cemetery Union Furnace          
Haynes Cemetery Laurelville          
Ilesboro Cemetery New Plymouth          
Justice Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Karshner Cemetery Laurelville          
Laurel Chapel Cemetery Bremen          
Liberty Hill Cemetery South Bloomingville          
McBroom Cemetery Rockbridge          
McClelland Cemetery Clearport          
Meldrim Cemetery New Plymouth          
Methodist Episcopal Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Miller Chapel Cemetery New Plymouth          
Morgan Chapel Cemetery Clearport          
Morris Chapel Cemetery New Plymouth          
Morris Chapel Cemetery Union Furnace          
Morse-Lewis Cemetery Union Furnace          
Mount Carmel Cemetery Laurelville          
Mount Olive Cemetery Rockbridge          
Mount Tabor Cemetery Logan          
Mount Zion Cemetery Union Furnace          
Murray City Cemetery New Straitsville          
Nihizer Cemetery Rockbridge          
Oak Grove Cemetery Logan          
Oak Grove Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Old Baptist Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Old Catholic Cemetery Rockbridge          
Old Logan Cemetery Logan          
Old Lutheran Cemetery Rockbridge          
Olive Branch Cemetery New Plymouth          
Olive Cemetery Laurelville          
Otterbein Chapel Cemetery Gore          
Payne Cemetery Gore          
Pine Grove Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Pisgah Cemetery Rockbridge          
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery Laurelville          
Pleasant Valley Cemetery Logan          
Prospect Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Rhodes and Huddle Cemetery Gore          
Ruff Cemetery Logan          
Saint Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery Bremen          
Saint John Lutheran Cemetery Rockbridge          
Saint John the Baptist Cemetery South Bloomingville          
Salem Cemetery New Straitsville          
Schooley Cemetery Laurelville          
Scott Creek Cemetery Logan          
Shaw Cemetery Logan          
Smith Chapel Cemetery Gore          
Sours Cemetery South Bloomingville          
South Bloomingville Cemetery South Bloomingville          
South Harvey Cemetery Bremen          
Starr Cemetery Union Furnace          
Strawn Cemetery New Plymouth          
Tick Ridge Cemetery New Plymouth          
Union Cemetery Logan          
Union Cemetery Rockbridge          
Webb Chapel Cemetery Gore          
Wesley Chapel Cemetery South Bloomingville          
West Pleasant Hill Cemetery Rockbridge          
Whippoorwill Cemetery Rockbridge          
Wolf Cemetery Union Furnace          
Zion Church Cemetery Laurelville