Abbeyville Cemetery                  
Acme Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery   N41 01.254 W081 47.757 41.020907 -81.795954       YES EAST SIDE OF ACME RD SOUTH OF GREENWICH RD
Albert Cemetery aka Munson Cemetery   N41 01.140 W082 03.258 41.018998 -82.054304       YES East side of Congress Rd south of US 224
Apostolic Christian Church Cemetery   N41 04.228 W081 41.378 41.070473 -81.689637       YES West side of S. Medina Line Rd across from Stimson Rd
Arnold Family Cemetery               NO North side of Sharon Copley Rd just east of Burdett Rd on private property
Beach Cemetery   N41 12.170 W081 44.102 41.202831 -81.735036       YES East side of Kellogg Rd north of Ledge Rd
Beebe Town Cemetery   N41 16.281 W081 52.713 41.271346 -81.87855 N     YES West side of Marks Rd south of Boston Rd
Bennetts Corners Cemetery   N41 16.467 W081 47.147 41.274452 -81.785789 N     YES West side of W. 130th St south of Boston Rd
Black River Church Cemetery aka Dunkard Cemetery   N41 05.132 W082 03.791 41.08554 -82.063185 N     YES South side of Old Mill Rd west of Rice Rd
Blake Cemetery aka Blake Mennonite Cemetery aka Guilford Mennonite Cemetery   N41 02.914 W081 49.956 41.048561 -81.832598 N     YES West side of Guilford Rd north of Blake Rd
Branch Cemetery   N41 08.495 W081 55.225 41.141589 -81.920425 N     YES South side of Branch Rd east of Columbia Rd
Brown Cemetery         N     NO On private property, in woods NW of Bellus Rd & Ridge Rd
Case Cemetery aka Anderson Cemetery                 South side of Sharon Copley Rd east of Wadsworth Rd
Chatham Township Cemetery   N41 05.644 W082 01.539 41.094069 -82.025642 N     YES West side of SR 83 south of SR 162
Coddingville Cemetery   N41 08.545 W081 42.378 41.142415 -81.706299 N     YES East side of Dunsha Rd north of Brenelle Ln
Crofoot Cemetery                  
Crow Corner Cemetery   N41 11.154 W082 03.380 41.185897 -82.056338 N     YES South side of Crow Rd just west of Yost Rd,  back a lane in the woods
East Granger Cemetery   N41 09.330 W081 41.258 41.155506 -81.687625 N     YES South side of Granger Rd west of Medina Line Rd
Eastlawn Memory Gardens   N41 15.699 W081 47.425 41.261652 -81.790418 N     YES North side of Grafton Rd west of W. 130th St
Eddy Cemetery                  
Eicher Cemetery aka Stevenson Cemetery aka Homerville Southwest Cemetery   N41 00.542 W082 09.747 41.009038 -82.162451 N     NO West of Firestone Rd north of Williams Rd, in a field on private property
Everhard Family Farm Cemetery                  
First Mennonite Church Cemetery aka Diagonal Road Cemetery aka Holmes Brook Cemetery   N41 01.668 W081 45.369 41.027798 -81.75615 N     YES SE corner of Wadsworth Rd & Dawna Dr
Freedom Baptist Church Cemetery aka Southwest Sharon Cemetery aka West Union Cemetery   N41 04.879 W081 45.960 41.081312 -81.765994 N     YES North side of Fixler Rd west of Beach Rd
Friendsville Cemetery   N41 02.056 W081 57.937 41.034265 -81.96562 N     YES East side of Friendsville Rd north of Kings Creek Dr
Ganyard Cemetery   N41 09.599 W081 44.316 41.159982 -81.738603 N     YES West side of Ridge Rd south of the library
Granger Fairview Cemetery aka Fairview Park Cemetery   N41 10.182 W081 44.785 41.169702 -81.746408 N     YES North side of Wilbur Rd east of Sweet Briar Dr
Greenhoe Cemetery Liverpool N41 12.447 W081 58.419 41.207452 -81.973645 N     YES North side of Neff Rd at Ehart Northern Rd
Guilford Cemetery   N41 01.496 W081 49.538 41.024937 -81.825641 N     YES South side of Greenwich Rd east of Guilford Rd
Hamilton Corners Cemetery   N41 11.581 W081 50.896 41.19301 -81.848268 N     YES West side of Pearl Rd just north of Hamilton Rd
Hillcrest Memorial Gardens   N41 00.688 W081 47.832 41.011463 -81.797204 N     YES West side of Acme Rd north of Seville Rd
Hinckley Ridge Cemetery aka Ridge Cemetery   N41 14.398 W081 42.362 41.239972 -81.706036 N     YES North side of Center Rd (SR 303) west of State Rd
Homerville Cemetery                  
Homerville Reformed Church Cemetery aka East Homerville Reformed Cemetery   N41 02.943 W082 04.645 41.049049 -82.077409 N     YES West side of Pawnee Rd south of Black River School Rd
Hope Memorial Gardens aka Lutheran Memorial Park   N41 14.352 W081 46.504 41.239202 -81.77506       YES North side of Center Rd (SR 303) west of Arborcrest Dr
Jefferies Corners Cemetery aka Cross Cemetery aka River Corners Cemetery               NO Destroyed in 1930's
Lafayette Cemetery aka Crush Cemetery    N41 04.201 W081 57.243 41.070014 -81.954552 N     NO In a small grove of trees back off the east side of Friendsville Rd south of Chippewa Rd
Litchfield Burial Park   N41 10.105 W082 01.074 41.168414 -82.017907 N     YES North side of SR 18 just east of SR 83
Lower Mennonite Cemetery                  
Maple Grove Cemetery                  
Maple Hill Cemetery   N41 14.264 W081 45.171 41.237738 -81.752851 N     YES South side of Center Rd (SR 303) west of SR 3
Maple Hill Cemetery   N41 00.360 W082 06.927 41.005998 -82.115443 N     YES SE corner of Spencer Rd & Williams Rd
McCoy - Old Farm Cemetery                  
Medina Center Cemetery aka Bagdad Cemetery aka Fenn Road Cemetery   N41 10.278 W081 49.119 41.171305 -81.818646 N     YES North side of Fenn Rd just west of SR 3
Medina County Home Cemetery   N41 06.256 W081 54.673 41.10426 -81.911219 N     YES West of Deerview Ln where the Railroad intersects
Mound Hill Cemetery Guilford N41 00.616 W081 51.268 41.010261 -81.854458 N     YES North side of N. Main St east of East St
Mount Zwingli Cemetery   N41 04.607 W081 41.285 41.076791 -81.688076 N     YES West side of S. Medina Line Rd south of Fixler Rd
Myrtle Hill Cemetery aka Hardscrabble Cemetery Liverpool N41 15.352 W081 55.421  41.255872 -81.923686 N     YES Southwest side of Myrtle Hill Rd east of SR 252
Northrop Cemetery Medina                
Northwest Homerville Brethren Cemetery   N41 03.073 W082 09.885 41.051213 -82.164747 N     NO West side of Firestone Rd south of Black River School Rd
Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery   N41 00.214 W081 48.909 41.003569 -81.815153 N     YES East side of Rawiga Rd north of Krabill Rd
Old Leroy Cemetery aka Old Westfield Center Cemetery   N41 01.619 W081 55.685 41.026985 -81.928085 N     YES North side of Greenwich Rd west of Simons Dr
Old Lodi Cemetery   N41 01.820 W082 00.352 41.030341 -82.005866 N     YES SE corner of SR 83 & Cemetery St
Old Mennonite Cemetery aka Maple Hill Mennonite Cemetery   N41 00.580 W081 46.869 41.009674 -81.781143 N     YES SE corner of Seville Rd & Mennonite Rd
Old Town Graveyard aka Medina Cemetery   N41 08.394 W081 51.655 41.139898 -81.860923 N     YES North side of SR 3 east of N. Broadway St.
Pawnee Cemetery Spencer             NO Near Pawnee Rd & New London Eastern Rd intersection
Penisula Cemetery                  
Poe Cemetery   N41 05.480 W081 49.417 41.091327 -81.823613 N     YES South side of Poe Rd east of SR 57
Reid Hill Cemetery aka Methodist Reid Hill Cemetery   N41 09.814 W081 42.397 41.163566 -81.70662 N     YES SE of State Rd and CR 364 at the curve
Rest Acre Cemetery aka Emanuel  aka Lester aka New Law aka Reuter Cemetery Liverpool N41 12.796 W081 56.110 41.213273 -81.935163 N     YES East side of Lester Rd north of Spring Glen Dr
Resurrection Cemetery   N41 14.302 W081 54.856 41.238359 -81.914272 N     YES North side of SR 303 east of SR 252
River Road Cemetery aka Hill Cemetery aka Phelps Cemetery Montville                
River Styx Cemetery Guilford N41 03.232 W081 47.892 41.053875 -81.798196 N     YES Northeast side of River Styx Rd south of Wadsworth Rd
Saint Francis Xavier Cemetery aka Medina Catholic Cemetery   N41 08.757 W081 50.688 41.145958 -81.844802 N     YES Southeast side of SR 3 across from Medina High School parking lot
Saint Martin of Tours Cemetery   N41 13.500 W081 57.339 41.224993 -81.955658 N     YES West side of Station Rd north of W. Law Rd
Saint Paul Lutheran Church Cemetery   N41 14.172 W081 56.078 41.236201 -81.934635 N     YES East side of Lester Rd south of Center Rd
Seville Cemetery                  
Seville Presbyterian Cemetery                  
Sharon Center Cemetery   N41 05.387 W081 44.067 41.089791 -81.734451 N     YES East side of SR 94 just north of the railroad tracks
Shaw Cemetery   N41 04.271 W081 56.315 41.071186 -81.938589 N     YES East side of Westfield Rd south of Chippewa Rd
Spencer Cemetery   N41 06.051 W081 07.243 41.100852 -82.120716 N     YES North side of E. Main St across from Liberty St
Spitzer Cemetery   N41 05.948 W081 53.538 41.099126 -81.892299 N     YES South side of SR 162 behind Medina Country Club
Spring Grove Cemetery   N41 08.318 W081 51.276 41.138625 -81.854603 N     YES East side of S. Spring Grove St north of SR 18
Town Line Cemetery aka Mount Pleasant Cemetery   N41 12.745 W081 47.124 41.212416 -81.785408 N     YES West side of W. 130th St just south of Sleepy Hollow Rd
Vanderhoef Cemetery   N41 01.753 W082 05.441 41.029218 -82.090675 N     YES North side of Simcox Rd east of River Corners Rd
Voorhees Cemetery                  
Waltz Cemetery   N41 07.295 W081 57.515 41.121578 -81.958579 N     YES North side of Egypt Rd west of Lance Rd
Wandel Road Cemetery                  
Westfield Center Cemetery aka New Leroy Cemetery   N41 01.577 W081 56.248 41.026284 -81.937467 N     YES South side of Greenwich Rd across from Highland Dr
Westview Cemetery aka Brunswick Center Cemetery   N41 14.360 W081 50.572 41.239335 -81.842866 N     YES North side of Center Rd just west of Pearl Rd
Weymouth Cemetery   N41 11.136 W081 47.728 41.185592 -81.795471 N     YES North side of Ramsen Rd just west of Weymouth Rd
Wilson Family Cemetery                  
Windfall Cemetery   N41 08.310 W081 47.121 41.138508 -81.785357 N     YES West side of Windfall Rd north of SR 18
Woodlawn Cemetery   N41 02.211 W082 00.556 41.036842 -82.00927 N     YES North side of Medina St across from Legion St
Woodlawn Cemetery aka Union Cemetery   N41 01.695 W081 44.197 41.028247 -81.736624 N     YES East side of West St just north of Sunset Blvd
York Cemetery   N41 10.023 W081 55.912 41.167053 -81.931872 N     YES South side of Norwalk Rd west of SR 252
Zion Lutheran Cemetery aka Homer Lutheran aka New Horizons Church Cemetery Homer N41 02.603 W082 05.761 41.043389 -82.096013 N     YES East side of River Corners Rd north of Holshoe Rd
Zion Lutheran Cemetery     N41 12.893 W081 54.124 41.214889 -81.902073 N     YES North side of Abbeyville Rd just east of the railroad tracks