Allington Cemetery   NO On private property
Alum Creek Evangelical Friends Cemetery Marengo N40 24.394 W082 51.588 40.406569 -82.8598 YES North side of SR 229 east of Worthington-New Have Rd
Armstrong Cemetery Mount Gilead N40 36.865 W082 49.372 40.61442 -82.822873 YES East side of SR 61 north of Marion-Williamsport Rd
Asbury Cemetery Marengo N40 28.878 W082 49.339 40.481294 -82.822313 YES South side of SR 529 west of SR 61
Autin Cemetery Galion
Baldwin Cemetery Ashley N40 25.422 W082 54.343 40.4237 -82.905709 NO In middle of a field north of Prospect-Mt Vernon Rd & east of Kilbourne-Cardington Rd
Baptist Cemetery aka Westfield Baptist Cemetery Ashley N40 26.410 W082 58.152 40.440174 -82.969206 YES East side of Delaware-Cardington Rd just north of Westfield-Fulton Rd
Bethel Cemetery Denmark N40 32.151 W082 55.212 40.535851 -82.920197 YES NW corner of Bethel Rd & Cardington Denmark Martel Rd
Bethel Cemetery of Chester Township Chesterville N40 25.420 W082 41.995 40.423662 -82.699918 YES West side of SR 314 north of Bennington-South Bloomfield Rd N
Biggs Cemetery Marengo N40 25.976 W082 47.085 40.432932 -82.784748 NO On private property
Bingham Cemetery Mount Gilead
Blackbird M.E. Harmony Chapel Cemetery   N40 29.803 W082 44.890 40.496723 -82.748161 YES East side of Williamsport Bloominggrove Rd across from Blackbird Rd
Bloomfield Cemetery Chesterville N40 22.737 W082 43.368 40.378945 -82.722805 YES East side of Rich Hill Bloomfield Rd south of SR 656
Blooming Grove Cemetery Blooming Grove N40 42.642 W082 43.061 40.710697 -82.717679 YES South side of Blooming Grove-New Winchester Rd east of SR 97
Bortner Cemetery aka Peace United Church of Christ Cemetery   N40 39.190 W082 44.484 40.653172 -82.741394 YES South side of St James Bellville Rd east of Williamsport Crestline Rd
Bryn Zion Cemetery Mount Gilead N40 33.394 W082 46.079 40.556559 -82.767987 YES SE of Bryn Zion Rd & US 42
Buck Cemetery Marengo N40 28.895 W082 49.331 40.481577 -82.822189 YES North side of SR 529 just west of SR 61
Bufmer Cemetery   N40 36.070 W082 39.798 40.601161 -82.663308 YES SW corner of SR 314 & woodbury bellville rd, previous was located at NE corner of same intersection
Butter Cemetery   N40 22.930 W082 49.655 40.382168 -82.827579 YES East side of SR 61 just south of Crall Rd
Cardington Cemetery  
Center Corners Cemetery aka Farris Cemetery  
Center Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Ashley N40 27.556 W082 53.723 40.459262 -82.895375 YES East side of Pompey Rd south of Waldo Fulton - Chesterville Rd
Chester Baptist Cemetery Chesterville N40 26.933 W082 41.877 40.448884 -82.697958 YES SW corner of SR 314 & Penlan Rd
Chesterville Methodist Cemetery  
Chesterville Presbyterian Cemetery  
Dennis Cemetery  
Dye Cemetery  
Ebenezer Cemetery Marengo N40 25.566 W082 49.522 40.426099 -82.825364 YES West side of SR 61 just north of Twp Rd 191
Ebenezer Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Galion N40 40.220 W082 45.976 40.670338 -82.766261 YES West side of SR 19 north of Iberia Bellville Rd
Elliott Cemetery Ashley
Elm Tree Cemetery  
Fargo Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Olive Green N40 21.474 W082 49.716 40.357896 -82.828606 YES South side of W. Liberty - Mt. Vernon Rd east of SR 61
Forbes Cemetery Galion
Franks Family Cemetery  
Fulton Cemetery Marengo N40 27.761 W082 50.075 40.462683 -82.834575 YES South side of Main St on west end of Fulton
Garverick Cemetery Galion
Glendale Cemetery Denmark N40 30.225 W082 53.382 40.503745 -82.8897 YES Between Railroad St & US 42 in Cardington
Haldeman Cemetery Blooming Grove
Hassler Cemetery  
Hedding Methodist Episcopal Cemetery   N40 24.217 W082 38.844 40.403616 -82.647399 YES South side of Prospect-Mt. Vernon Rd east of Hedding Rd
Hershner Cemetery  
Hexsite Cemetery Mount Gilead
Iberia Cemetery Iberia N40 40.116 W082 50.057 40.668597 -82.83428 Y 1995 YES At the east end and south side of Iberia Belleville Rd
Kelly Family Cemetery  
Kesler Cemetery  
Kile Cemetery Centerburg
Kinney Cemetery  Marengo
Lineweaver Cemetery Centerburg
Lucas Family Cemetery  
Maple Grove Cemetery Chesterville N40 28.578 W082 40.672 40.476301 -82.677859 YES South side of SR 95 east of Chesterville
Marengo Cemetery Marengo N40 24.706 W082 48.572 40.411762 -82.809534 YES NE corner of CR 21 & CR 26
McClain Cemetery  
Merwine Cemetery  
Moffit Cemetery Mount Gilead
Montgomery Cemetery Mount Gilead
Morehouse Cemetery Ashley N40 24.433 W082 54.108 40.407211 -82.901807 YES North side of SR 229 just west of Pompey Rd
Morrow County Home Cemetery Mount Gilead
Mosher Cemetery Mount Gilead
Mounds Cemetery Ashley N40 26.950 W082 57.760 40.449172 -82.962667 NO In woods on west side of Delaware Cardington Rd south of SR 746
Mount Tabor Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Mount Gilead N40 35.743 W082 45.969 40.595723 -82.766157 YES  East side of SR 19 across from Marion Williamsport Rd
North Canaan Cemetery Denmark N40 37.389 W082 55.066 40.62315 -82.917767 YES  East side of Cardington Denmark Martel Rd south of Apt Rd
North Fargo Cemetery Marengo
North Fork Cemetery aka Blair Cemetery aka Owl Creek Cemetery   N40 32.705 W082 38.852 40.545089 -82.647537 YES  North side of Mt Vernon Tiffin Rd west of Waterford Rd
Old Mt Gilead Presbyterian Cemetery   N40 32.759 W082 49.700 40.545988 -82.828332 YES  West side of S. Main St in Mt. Gilead directly across from South St
Owl Creek Harmony Baptist Cemetery Shauck
Pagetown Cemetery Olive Green N40 22.157 W082 49.044 40.369278 -82.817404 NO Behind a house on west side of Olive Green Marengo Fulton Rd
Peace Reformed Cemetery Blooming Grove
Peak Cemetery Waldo N40 26.295 W083 00.658 40.438256 -83.010967 YES West side of Claypool Rd north of Waldo Westfield Rd
Pleasant Grove Cemetery Shauck N40 37.014 W082 44.849 40.616905 -82.747483 YES West side of Williamsport Crestline Rd south of Marion Johnsville Rd
Pompey Cemetery Ashley N40 26.352 W082 54.384 40.439204 -82.906407 YES East side of Kilbourne Cardington Rd
Pulaskiville Cemetery Shauck N40 32.149 W082 42.676 40.535822 -82.711261 YES West side of Williamsport Chesterville Rd north of Pulaskiville Rd
Purvis Cemetery Denmark N40 33.027 W082 54.870 40.550447 -82.914501 YES East side of Cardington Denmark Rd south of S. Canaan Rd
Quakerdom Cemetery aka Gilead Friends Cemetery   N40 30.998 W082 50.128 40.516634 -82.835467 YES NE corner of Russell Rd & Worthington New Haven Rd
Red Hill Cemetery Chesterville N40 22.552 W082 39.709 40.375868 -82.661817 YES South side of Delaware Mt Vernon Rd west of Hedding Rd
Rice Cemetery Caledonia N40 37.630 W082 57.077 40.627163 -82.951275 YES East side of W. Canaan Rd south of Marion Johnsville Rd
River Cliff Cemetery Mount Gilead N40 32.846 W082 49.425 40.547426 -82.823744 YES SE of E. Marion St. and SR 95 in Mt. Gilead
Ross Cemetery Blooming Grove N40 40.876 W082 40.871 40.681265 -82.681186 YES South side of Steam Corners Lexington Rd west of Dickerson Dr
Saint John's Lutheran Cemetery  
Shauck Cemetery Blooming Grove N40 37.874 W082 38.975 40.631229 -82.649578 YES NE corner of SR 42 & W. Point Belleville Rd
Shawtown Cemetery Ashley N40 29.087 W082 57.649 40.484778 -82.960816 YES North side of Beatty Rd east of SR 746 back a long drive
Sherman Family Burying Ground  
Singrey Cemetery   N40 34.320 W082 37.692  40.572 -82.628194 YES East side of Lewis Rd north of Perry Rd
South Canaan Cemetery Denmark N40 33.483 W082 56.925 40.558042 -82.948746 YES North side of S. Canaan Rd east of W. Canaan Rd
South Woodbury Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Marengo N40 25.247 W082 51.345 40.420788 -82.855743 YES East side of Worthington-New Haven Rd north of Prospect Mt. Vernon Rd
Stantontown Cemetery Kilbourne N40 22.221 W082 53.983 40.370353 -82.899721 YES East side of Worthington New Haven Rd north of Kilbourne Cardington Rd
Stiners Cemetery  
Sunfish Cemetery Mount Gilead N40 34.455 W082 47.784 40.574255 -82.796397 YES North side of Mt. Gilead Williamsport Rd across from Sunfish Rd
Tuttle Cemetery Galion
Union Cemetery Mount Gilead N40 30.943 W082 50.564 40.515712 -82.84274 YES South side of SR 42 east of Furbey Rd
Walters Cemetery Blooming Grove N40 30.878 W082 39.821 40.647961 -82.663689 YES West side of SR 314 south of St James Belleville Rd
West Point Cemetery Galion N40 38.201 W082 48.067 40.636679 -82.784453 YES East side of W Point Galion Rd south of W Point Belleville Rd
Westfield Methodist Episcopal Cemetery Ashley N40 26.046 W082 58.807 40.434099 -82.980109 YES NW side of Delaware Cardington Rd north of Prospect Mt Vernon Rd
Weston Cemetery Denmark N40 31.108 W082 56.650 40.518463 -82.94416 YES South side of SR 529 west of Curl Rd
Woodbury Cemetery aka North Woodbury Lutheran Cemetery  
Woodlawn Cemetery Denmark N40 30.667 W082 54.982 40.511116 -82.916366 South side of SR 529 west of N 4th St
Worden Cemetery Denmark N40 34.559 W082 53.941 40.575981 -82.899023 YES East side of Worden Rd south of SR 95
Yankee Street Presbyterian Cemetery Shauck N40 31.165 W082 40.137 40.519411 -82.668943 West side of SR 314 south of Mt Gilead Frederickstown Rd