Alexander Cemetery Banks          
Antioch Cemetery Ansley          
Antioch Cemetery Banks          
Ballard Hill Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Banks Cemetery Banks          
Belsor Cemetery Ansley          
Benson Cemetery Troy          
Bethel Cemetery Banks          
Beulah Cemetery Troy          
Boutwell-Bundy Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Brooks Graves Banks          
Brundidge City Cemetery Brundidge          
Carroll Cemetery Brundidge          
Carroll Street Cemetery Troy          
Carter Cemetery Grady          
Catalpa Cemetery Saco          
Chapel Hill Cemetery Petrey          
China Grove Cemetery China Grove          
Conner Cemetery Josie          
Copeland Cemetery Troy          
Cotton Cemetery Banks          
County Line Cemetery Brundidge          
Davidson Cemetery Goshen          
Davis Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Dennis Cemetery China Grove          
Driggers Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Elam-Davidson Memorial Cemetery Goshen          
Enon Cemetery Josie          
Fleming Cemetery Brundidge          
Flowers Cemetery Brundidge          
Good Hope Cemetery Youngblood          
Greene Hills Memorial Cemetery Youngblood          
Griffin Cemetery Troy          
Hamilton Crossroads Cemetery Brundidge          
Head Cemetery Petrey          
Henderson Cemetery Goshen          
Henderson Memorial Cemetery Goshen          
Hepzibah Cemetery Youngblood          
Hillard and Howard Cemetery Youngblood          
Hillcrest Cemetery Goshen          
Hinson Cemetery Youngblood          
Hopewell Cemetery Goshen          
Hopewell Cemetery Brundidge          
Hussey Cemetery Banks          
Israel Cemetery Youngblood          
Johnson Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Jones Cemetery Troy          
Jordan Cemetery Youngblood          
Kelley Cemetery Saco          
Kendrick Cemetery Troy          
Lakeview Cemetery Brundidge          
Lewis Cemetery Goshen          
Livingston Cemetery Troy          
Macedonia Cemetery Petrey          
McNeil-Townsend Cemetery Needmore          
Meadows Cemetery Youngblood          
Mossy Grove Cemetery Troy          
Mount Gilead Cemetery Ansley          
Mount Moriah Cemetery Ansley          
Mount Zion Cemetery Youngblood          
Mullins Cemetery Troy          
Murphree Cemetery Troy          
Oakwood Cemetery Troy          
Old Canaan Cemetery Saco          
Old Dothan Cemetery Banks          
Old Ramah Cemetery Josie          
Old Salem Cemetery Goshen          
Paran Cemetery Troy          
Pea River Cemetery Elamville          
Pine Grove Cemetery Ansley          
Providence Cemetery Troy          
Ramah Cemetery Josie          
Rhodes Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Richland Cemetery Elamville          
Saint John Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Saint Paul Cemetery Brundidge          
Sanders Cemetery Ansley          
Sanders Cemetery Troy          
Sandfield Cemetery Saco          
Sanford-Barron Cemetery Goshen          
Sardis Cemetery Josie          
Simmons Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Sims Cemetery Youngblood          
Smilie Cemetery Goshen          
Spears Cemetery Glenwood          
Spillars Cemetery Goshen          
Spring Hill Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Springfield Cemetery Ansley          
Starling Cemetery Troy          
Stephens Cemetery Petrey          
Tick Hill Cemetery Needmore          
Union Hill Cemetery Troy          
Union Hill Cemetery Troy          
Ward-Thompson Cemetery Goshen          
William Carter Cemetery Goshen          
Williams and Andrew Jackson Cemetery Needmore          
Williams Cemetery Youngblood          
Williams Cemetery Brundidge          
Wilson Cemetery Banks          
Wilson Cemetery Brundidge NW          
Wingard Cemetery Petrey