Ohio Richland Adario Cemetery aka Adario United Methodist  Olivesburg N40 55.882 W082 26.830 40.931366 -82.44716 N       SE Corner of Adario East Rd & Olivesburg-Fitchville Rd
Ohio Richland Aungst/Hengst Cemetery         N     NO On private property near Bellville-Johnsonville Rd & Renie Rd
Ohio Richland Banks Cemetery Lucas N40 40.465 W082 28.835 40.674422 -82.472248 N       East side of Washington South Rd south of Garver Rd
Ohio Richland Barr Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Bellville Cemetery Bellville N40 37.208 W082 31.059 40.620134 -82.517651 Y       North side of SR 97 on west side of town
Ohio Richland Bitner Cemetery         N     NO On private property near Lohr Rd & Millsboro Rd
Ohio Richland Blooming Grove Cemetery Olivesburg N40 58.402 W082 29.618 40.973373 -82.493629 N     YES West side of SR 13 south of Noble Rd
Ohio Richland Blooming Grove Cemetery aka Evangelical German Reformed Rome N40 55.428 W082 31.874 40.923792 -82.531228 N     YES East side of Rome South Rd south of SR 603
Ohio Richland B'nai Jacob Cemetery   N40 45.641 W082 38.375 40.760687 -82.639583 Y 2012   YES North side of SR 309 just east of Bemiller Dr.
Ohio Richland Boyce Cemetery aka Harmony Cemetery aka Kuhn Cemetery Mansfield North N40 51.471 W082 32.621 40.857857 -82.543683 N     YES South side of Taylortown Rd east of Amoy-Ganges Rd
Ohio Richland Brubaker-Kohler Cemetery aka Landis Graveyard         N       On Bowen Rd north of Crider Rd
Ohio Richland Bunker Hill Cemetery Jelloway N40 35.636 W082 22.352 40.593926 -82.372527 Y     YES SW Corner of Bunker Hill Rd & SR 97 in Butler
Ohio Richland Caesarea Cemetery Lucas N40 42.651 W082 28.839 40.710853 -82.480658 N     YES Corner of Taylor Rd & Mansfield Washington Rd
Ohio Richland Charles - Vantilburg Cemetery Pavonia       N     NO West side of Pavonia North Rd between SR 545 & Charles Rd
Ohio Richland Church of Brethren Cemetery aka Dunkard Cemetery   N40 50.963 W082 32.540 40.849383 -82.542332 N     YES South side of Linn Rd East of Amoy Ganges Rd
Ohio Richland Clay Memorial Cemetery Mansfield North N40 49.725 W082 32.303 40.828754 -82.538388 N     YES SE Corner of Bauer Rd & Amoy East Rd
Ohio Richland Colonial Memorial Gardens         N        
Ohio Richland Coltman Cemetery Shelby N40 51.434 W082 39.456 40.857231 -82.6576 N     NO On private property, East side of Stiving Rd, S of Gamble St.
Ohio Richland Conley Cemetery Bellville       N        
Ohio Richland Culp Cemetery Bellville N40 33.934 W082 35.068 40.565569 -82.584467 N     NO In wooded area between Follin Rd & Black Rd
Ohio Richland Darlington Cemetery Bellville N40 35.181 W082 35.727 40.586357 -82.595451 N        
Ohio Richland Dickes Cemetery         N       In the area near Dickes Rd & Lucas Perrysville Rd
Ohio Richland Dickson Farm Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Dunkard Cemetery Shiloh N40 53.177 W082 37.307 40.886279 -82.621785 N     YES SE Corner of Smiley Rd & Plymouth Springmill Rd
Ohio Richland Dunkard Cemetery Mansfield North       N        
Ohio Richland Dutch Hill Cemetery Butler       N        
Ohio Richland Easterly Cemetery   N40 37.210 W082 25.442 40.620163 -82.424042 N        
Ohio Richland Eller/Faulks Cemetery         N       Nelson Rd & Mansfield Rd area
Ohio Richland Emanuel Cemetery Lucas N40 44.503 W082 26.927 40.74172 -82.448777 N       Sits back in the woods off Wallace Rd
Ohio Richland Everts Cemetery aka Poppleton Cemetery         N     NO On private property 
Ohio Richland Fairview Day Cemetery aka Day Cemetery Mansfield South N40 42.772 W082 36.539 40.712866 -82.608985 N     YES South side of Bell Rd East of Lexington-Ontario Rd
Ohio Richland Faust Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland First Congressional Columbarium         N        
Ohio Richland First Lutheran Columbarium         N        
Ohio Richland Fisher Cemetery   N40 33.335 W082 30.609 40.555588 -82.510151 N       On west side of Ankneytown Rd just south of Hamilton Rd
Ohio Richland Fleming Falls Cemetery         N       overgrown, abandoned.  Near Fleming Falls Rd & Pennsylvania Ave
Ohio Richland Four Corners Cemetery aka Zion Cemetery Butler       N        
Ohio Richland Franklin Church Cemetery Pavonia N40 51.516 W082 28.882 40.858598 -82.481368 N     YES West side of Franklin Church Rd south of Chesrown Rd
Ohio Richland Friends Ground near Palmyra         N        
Ohio Richland Ganges Cemetery Shiloh N40 54.279 W082 33.736 40.904657 -82.562267 Y 2009   YES North side of Shelby Ganges Rd west of Ganges Five Point Rd
Ohio Richland Garber-Oyster Cemetery   N40 33.924 W082 27.678 40.565401 -82.461293 N     YES North side of Mishey Rd west of SR 95
Ohio Richland Garber-Yarger Cemetery Butler N40 33.821 W082 31.301 40.563679 -82.521678 N     NO North side of Bangorville Rd sits way back off road in a field
Ohio Richland German Evangelical Cemetery Mansfield South       N        
Ohio Richland Green Lawn Cemetery Crestline N40 47.062 W082 43.523 40.784368 -82.725377 Y 2013   YES East side of County Line Road in Crestline south of Lincoln Hwy
Ohio Richland Green Lawn Cemetery Plymouth N40 59.210 W082 40.110 40.986835 -82.668504 Y 2013   YES West side of Bucyrus St (SR 98) on south end of Plymouth
Ohio Richland Hastings Presbyterian-Union Cemetery aka Hathaway Cemetery Lucas N40 39.166 W082 27.005 40.652775 -82.450091 N       South side of Hathaway Rd west of Tucker Rd
Ohio Richland Hazel Brush Cemetery aka Adams-Bodley-Dicks Cemetery Shiloh N40 55.833 W082 37.061 40.930549 -82.617678 Y 2013   YES SW corner of Hazelbrush Rd & Bowman Rd
Ohio Richland Hochstetler Family Cemetery   N40 55.906 W082 28.241 40.931763 -82.470676 N       North side of Adario West Rd east of Franklin Church Rd
Ohio Richland Independence Cemetery aka Butler Cemetery Butler       N        
Ohio Richland John G. Kent Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Koogle Cemetery Pavonia N40 46.270 W082 23.923 40.771164 -82.398724 N       East side of Koogle Rd north of SR 430
Ohio Richland Lantz Cemetery aka Beer-Lantz Cemetery Pavonia N40 45.125 W082 28.252 40.75208 -82.47086 N     YES East side of Lucas Rd South of Bonnie Dr.
Ohio Richland Lexington Cemetery Mansfield South N40 40.821 W082 34.729 40.680345 -82.578821 Y 10/2/2015   YES North side of E. Main St (SR 97/42) in Lexington east of Castor Rd
Ohio Richland Little Washington Cemetery Lucas       N        
Ohio Richland Living Hope Mennonite Church Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Lockhart Cemetery Jefferson twp       N     NO abandoned, in the SR 97 & Dill Road area
Ohio Richland London Cemetery Jackson twp       N        
Ohio Richland London Cemetery aka Saint Peter Cemetery Shelby       N        
Ohio Richland Lutheran Cemetery Butler       N        
Ohio Richland Mansfield Catholic Cemetery   N40 44.851 W082 30.840 40.747523 -82.514003 N     YES 389 Altamount Ave in Mansfield
Ohio Richland Mansfield City Cemetery Mansfield South N40 44.827 W082 30.715 40.747117 -82.511924 N     YES 389 Altamount Ave in Mansfield
Ohio Richland Mansfield Memorial Park Mansfield North N40 45.550 W082 36.189 40.759167 -82.603149 N     YES 2507 Park Ave West in Mansfield
Ohio Richland Marlow Cemetery   N40 44.825 W082 34.284 40.74708 -82.571395 Y 2014   YES NW Corner of Home Rd & Millsboro Rd
Ohio Richland McGraw Chapel Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Mennonite School Burial Ground   N40 57.670 W082 31.724 40.961169 -82.528734 Y 2013 YES YES NE Corner of Free Rd & Gilger Rd
Ohio Richland Millsboro-Nave Cemetery   N40 44.859 W082 38.169 40.747656 -82.636148 N       NE area near Millsboro Rd & Lexington Ontario Rd
Ohio Richland Milton Cemetery Pavonia       N        
Ohio Richland Missonaries of the Sacred Heart Cemetery   N40 49.924 W082 36.138 40.832073 -82.602304 Y 2000     West side of SR 39 on the north end of the Abraxys Properety
Ohio Richland Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Cemetery   N40 52.224 W082 39.864 40.870394 -82.664394 Y 2013 YES YES West side of S. Gamble St 
Ohio Richland Mount Bethel Cemetery Mansfield North N40 50.580 W082 36.340 40.843004 -82.605662 N     YES South side of Myers Rd just west of Plymouth Springmill Rd
Ohio Richland Mount Hope Cemetery Shiloh N40 58.491 W082 36.490 40.974851 -82.608159 Y     YES NW Corner of Noble Rd W & Shiloh Norwalk Rd
Ohio Richland Mount Olive Cemetery Lucas       N        
Ohio Richland Mount Olivet Cemetery Olivesburg N40 53.042 W082 25.709 40.884034 -82.428483 N     YES East side of N. Olivesburg Rd just north of Whetstone Creek
Ohio Richland Mount Pleasant Cemetery Shelby N40 56.691 W082 39.833 40.944846 -82.663885 N     YES South side of Dinninger Rd just east of SR 61
Ohio Richland Mount Zion Lutheran Cemetery Lucas N40 43.148 W082 22.871 40.719136 -82.38118 N     YES South side of Kling Rd east of Mt. Zion Rd
Ohio Richland Myers Cemetery Shelby N40 52.771 W082 42.920 40.87952 -82.71533 Y 2013   YES NW Corner of Davis Rd & SR 39
Ohio Richland Nazor-Schwartz Cemetery aka German Reformed Cemetery   N40 50.150 W082 40.644 40.835835 -82.677398 Y 2011   YES SE Corner of Hummel Rd & Settlement East Rd
Ohio Richland New Castle Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland New Olivesburg Cemetery   N40 53.117 W082 25.611 40.885292 -82.426858 N     YES Just SE of SR 545 & SR 603 on east side of SR 545
Ohio Richland New Shenandoah Cemetery Shiloh N40 54.527 W082 29.964 40.908775 -82.499396 N     YES East side of SR 13 south of SR 603
Ohio Richland Newville Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Oak Grove Memorial Park   N40 38.751 W082 37.604 40.645848 -82.626736 N     YES 4108 SR 42 South Lexington 
Ohio Richland Odd Fellows Cemetery aka I.O.O.F. Cemetery Lucas N40 42.293 W082 26.241 40.704876 -82.437345 N     YES At the end of Cemetery Rd south of Mansfield Lucas Rd
Ohio Richland Ohio State Reformatory Cemetery Mansfield North N40 47.253 W082 30.164 40.787547 -82.502735 N     NO On the Grounds of the Ohio State Reformatory
Ohio Richland Old Center Cemetery aka Huntsman -Lydia- Gano Cemetery Bellville N40 36.071 W082 37.451 40.601178 -82.624176 N     YES NE Corner of Woodberry Rd & Wirick Rd
Ohio Richland Old Salem Cemetery Shiloh N40 58.496 W082 34.924 40.974926 -82.582064 Y     YES NW Corner of Planktown Rd & Noble Rd
Ohio Richland Old Shenandoah Cemetery Shiloh N40 54.592 W082 29.978 40.909862 -82.499634 N     YES West side of SR 13 south of SR 603
Ohio Richland Olivet Cemetery Malabar Farm N40 39.001 W082 23.357 40.650012 -82.389282 Y 2005   YES On Malabar Farm State Park
Ohio Richland Ontario Cemetery Ontario N40 45.655 W082 38.442 40.760921 -82.640705 Y 2013   YES North side of SR 309 east of Bemilller Dr
Ohio Richland Opdyke Cemetery Plymouth N40 58.186 W082 39.602 40.969775 -82.660041 Y     YES South side of Opdyke Rd east of Plymouth St
Ohio Richland Owl Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Painter Cemetery Pavonia       N        
Ohio Richland Pavonia Cemetery aka Milton Cemetery   N40 49.471 W082 26.552 40.824509 -82.442535 N     YES NW Corner of Amoy Pavonia Rd & Robinson Rd
Ohio Richland Perry Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Petit Cemetery Pavonia       N        
Ohio Richland Pine Run Cemetery Jelloway N40 34.779 W082 21.630 40.579652 -82.360505 N     YES North side of Hildebrant Rd just east of Bunker Hill South Rd
Ohio Richland Pine Run-Union Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Pioneer Baptist Cemetery   N40 40.429 W082 34.012 40.673811 -82.566875 Y 10/2/2015   YES North side of SR 97 just south of Castor Rd in woods
Ohio Richland Pioneer Rest Cemetery Shelby N40 59.471 W082 40.056 40.991182 -82.667608 Y        
Ohio Richland Pittenger Cemetery aka Osbun-Pittenger Cemetery Pavonia N40 49.807 W082 29.065 40.83011 -82.484409 N     YES North of Richland Shale Rd west of SR 545
Ohio Richland Pleasant Grove Cemetery aka Steele aka United Brethren Pavonia       N       Reed Rd at the curve
Ohio Richland Pleasant Grove Evangelical Cemetery Bellville       N        
Ohio Richland Pleasant Hill Cemetery Blooming Grove N40 44.462 W082 38.792 40.741029 -82.646538 N     YES East side of Rudy Rd just north of Millsboro Rd
Ohio Richland Pleasant Valley Baptist Cemetery Mansfield North N40 51.037 W082 30.797 40.850609 -82.513288 N     YES East side of SR 13 just north of Five Points East Rd
Ohio Richland Pleasant Valley Cemetery Lucas N40 39.558 W082 24.251 40.6593 -82.404179 Y 10/2/2015   YES NE Corner of Pleasant Valley Rd & McFarland Rd
Ohio Richland Presbyterian Cemetery Shiloh       N        
Ohio Richland Prince of Peace Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Red Squirrel Cemetery Blooming Grove       N        
Ohio Richland Renfrew Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Riblet Cemetery Crestline       N        
Ohio Richland Richland Cemetery Weller twp       N        
Ohio Richland Robinson Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Rome Presbyterian Church Cemetery aka Blooming Grove Township Blooming Grove N40 55.889 W082 32.193 40.931485 -82.53655 N     YES North side of SR 603 east of Snake Road - sits back off the road
Ohio Richland Sacred Heart Cemetery aka Bethlehem Cemetery Crestline N40 50.287 W082 43.387 40.838116 -82.723124 Y 2010   YES Behind Sacred Heart Catholic Church on north side of SR 61
Ohio Richland Saint Johns Cemetery Lucas       N        
Ohio Richland Saint Josephs Cemetery Crestline       N        
Ohio Richland Saint Peters Evangelical Cemetery aka Hilltop-German Cemetery   N40 40.658 W082 30.646 40.677632 -82.510774 N     YES East side of German Church Rd just south of Vanderbilt Rd
Ohio Richland Salem Evangelical Cemetery Bellville N40 37.462 W082 33.467 40.624366 -82.557779 N       North of Bellville-Johnsonville Rd just west of Riter Rd
Ohio Richland Samuel Phipps Burying Ground aka Mishey Farm Cemetery Butler N40 35.732 W082 25.953 40.595537 -82.432554 Y       Near SR 97 & Highland Dr at the "Welcome to Butler" sign
Ohio Richland Secrist -Tarres Cemetery aka Hamilton aka Worthington Cemetery Butler       N       Snyder Rd
Ohio Richland Shambaugh Cemetery Perrysville N40 43.172 W082 20.931 40.719535 -82.348857 N     YES NE Corner of Frontz Rd & Mowery Rd
Ohio Richland Shelby-Oakland Cemetery Crestline N40 52.335 W082 39.907 40.872255 -82.665113 Y 2013 YES YES West side of S. Gamble St 
Ohio Richland South Lawn Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Springmill Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Temple Terrace Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Tinkey Cemetery Jefferson twp N40 36.155 W082 28.254 40.602581 -82.470908 N       East side of Dill Rd just north of Gatton Rocks Rd
Ohio Richland Trauger Cemetery   N40 58.872 W082 41.747 40.981193 -82.69579 Y     YES West side of Fenner Rd just north of Parcel Rd
Ohio Richland Troy Cemetery Mansfield South N40 41.667 W082 36.620 40.694444 -82.610329 Y 10/2/2015   YES North & East of SR 97 West of Gass Rd
Ohio Richland Union Cemetery Butler       N        
Ohio Richland Updyke Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Washington Village Cemetery   N40 41.757 W082 28.640 40.695953 -82.477337 Y 10/2/2015   YES South side of E. Hanley Rd just west of Washington South Rd
Ohio Richland Webster Cemetery Blooming Grove N40 44.404 W082 38.206 40.740059 -82.636772 N     YES North side of Sherman Rd east of Marion Avenue Rd N
Ohio Richland Williams Cemetery Lucas       N       Lucas North Road
Ohio Richland Windsor Park Cemetery Pavonia N40 48.112 W082 26.616 40.801867 -82.443604 N     YES West side of Windsor Rd north of Flemming Falls Rd
Ohio Richland Windsor-Woodhouse Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Woodlawn Mennonite Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Yeager Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Young Cemetery         N        
Ohio Richland Zeiter Cemetery Mansfield North N40 49.734 W082 30.882 40.828896 -82.514696 N     YES South side of Sheets Dr east of Hoff Dr
Ohio Richland Zion Cemetery Butler N40 36.371 W082 26.708 40.606185 -82.445132 Y     YES NE Corner of Teeter Rd & Snyder Rd