Name GPS Latitude Longitude Visited Last Visted PICTURE Public Access NOTES
Allen Cemetery N30 44.130 W087 02.453 30.735551 -87.04088       YES Take first west road north of Whiting Field Cir off of Hwy 87, then first road south
Ard Field Church of Christ Cemetery N30 47.151 W087 10.837 30.785843 -87.180609       YES 684 Ard Field Rd Chumuckla
Ates Cemetery N30 49.394 W086 50.706 30.823236 -86.845092       YES take dirt road north off Cemetery Rd
Bagdad Cemetery N 30 35.881 W087 02.403 30.598021 -87.040043       YES East side of Bagdad Cemetery Rd at Pooley St
Bailey Cemetery                
Barnes Family Cemetery                
Bass Cemetery aka Old Springhill Cemetery N 30 45.775 W086 59.729 30.76292 -86.995486       YES south side of Eagle Way west of Tomahawk Landing Rd
Berrydale United Pentacostal Church Cemetery                
Berrydale Baptist Church Cemetery N30 54.328 W087 01.986 30.905474 -87.033099       YES NE of Hwy 4 & Hwy 87 intersection
Berrydale Community Church of Christ Cemetery aka Berrydale Roads N30 54.329 W087 02.147 30.905481 -87.035789       YES SW of Hwy 4 & Hwy 87 intersection
Berrydale RLDS Church Cemetery                
Bethel Holiness Church Cemetery                
Bible Teaching Church Cemetery                
Billory Baptist Church Cemetery N30 26.690 W086 52.867 30.444826 -86.881122       YES SE corner of Stillwater Cove & Hwy 87
Bishop Cemetery                
Black Cemetery N30 58.226 W086 53.465 30.970434 -86.891078         follow dirt road east off 3 Notch Trail along the woods by a field
Black Hammock Cemetery                
Bland Cemetery                
Blocker Family Cemetery N30 54.402 W087 00.547 30.9067 -87.009122       YES East side of Pine Grove Rd just past the curve & start of the dirt road
Botts Cemetery N30 49.376 W087 01.911 30.82293 -87.031846       NO In a field SE of Creek Stone Rd & Lewis Rd
Brake Cemetery                
Brantley Cemetery                
Bray Family Cemetery N30 40.805 W087 07.479 30.680079 -87.124652       YES South side of Hwy 191 (Willard Norris Rd) east of Emerald Forest Dr
Broxson Cemetery             NO on Eglin Air Force Base
Butler Cemetery                
Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery N30 40.107 W087 05.515 30.785124 -87.091917       YES NE corner of Calvary Church Rd & Hwy 89
Cannon Cemetery N30 57.399 W087 08.759 30.956646 -87.145985       YES East side of N. Magnolia St
Carlney Cemetery                
Caylor Cemetery                
Chavers Cemetery                
Chumuckla Cemetery                
Chumuckla Flats Cemetery                
Church of Christ Cemetery                
Cobbtown Christian Mennonite Church Cemetery                
Cobbtown Holiness Church Cemetery N30 53.006 W087 07.143 30.883433 -87.119046       YES North side of Greenwood Rd across from Cobbtown Rd
Coldwater Church of Jesus Christ LDS Cemetery N30 48.138 W087 02.288 30.802308 -87.038133       YES North side of Coldwater Church Rd 
Collins Cemetery                
Concord Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery N30 55.115 W087 09.853 30.918587 -87.164221       YES West side of Hwy 89 at Perry Anna Rd
Cooley Cemetery                
Coon Hill Cemetery N30 51.515 W087 16.782 30.858582 -87.279707       YES At the north end of Coon Hill Cemetery Rd
Cooper Cemetery                
Cora Baptist Church Cemetery aka Cora Cemetery N30 54.692 W087 11.927 30.911541 -87.198787       YES Hwy 197 at Hazel Godwin Rd
Crain Cemetery                
Cregler Cemetery                
Duncan Cemetery                
Ebeneezer Assembly of God Church Cemeter N30 54.964 W087 14.676 30.91606 -87.244604       YES 4200 Ebenezer Church Rd
Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery                
Emmett Cemetery                
Enon Cemetery                
Estes Cemetery aka Harold Cemetery                
Faulk Cemetery              NO on Eglin Air Force Base
Fidelis Methodist Church Cemetery N30 56.528 W087 01.739 30.942129 -87.028991       YES Hwy 87 at Buck Russell Rd
Flowers Field Cemetery N30 34.854 W086 51.704 30.580906 -86.861731       NO on Eglin Air Force Base
Foster Cemetery                
Friendship Cemetery                
Garrison Cemetery                
Golden Memorial Chapel Cemetery N30 58.750 W087 03.102 30.979173 -87.051694 Y 4/9/2013   YES At the curve on Golden Church Rd
Gordon Cemetery                
Hamilton Cemetery                
Harmony Cemetery                
Harmony Primitive Baptist Cemetery                
Harold Assembly of God Church Cemetery N30 39.370 W086 52.974 30.656167 -86.882899       YES Goodrange Dr at Hwy 10/90
Harper Cemetery                
Hollandtown Holiness Church Cemetery                
Holley Point Cemetery                
Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery                
Howell Cemetery                
Jackson Memorial Cemetery                
Jay Cemetery                
Jernigan Cemetery aka Elliott Cemetery                
Johnson Cemetery                
Juniper Cemetery N30 48.133 W087 16.178 30.802217 -87.269639         At the end of Keyser Landing Rd
Land Cemetery                
Lee Cemetery                
Lewis Williams Memorial Cemetery aka Hickory Hammock Cemetery                
Magnolia Cemetery N30 37.392 W087 00.289 30.623207 -87.004815       YES SE from Crumel St & McCallister St
McLellan Cemetery N30 57.555 W087 54.498 30.959247 -86.908308       YES East side of 3 Notch Trail north of New Homestead Rd
McLellan Church of Christ Cemetery                
Memorial Serenity Gardens N30 23.121 W087 06.172 30.385351 -87.102874       YES North side of Gulf Breeze Parkway
Memory Park Cemetery N30 36.050 W087 05.263 30.600835 -87.087711       YES South side of Caroline Rd
Miller Bluff Cemetery                
Milton Cemetery - Berryhill N30 37.498 W087 02.825 30.624963 -87.047088       YES SE corner of Keyser St & Berryhill St
Milton Cemetery - Keyser N30 37.362 W087 02.903 30.6227 -87.04839       YES Milton Cemetery Rd & Keyser St
Mitchell Cemetery N30 42.474 W087 02.731 30.707904 -87.045511       YES Take dirt road north off Langley St just east of Hwy 87
Morton Estate Family Cemetery                
Mount Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery                
Munson Cemetery                
New Macedonia Cemetery                
Nichols Lake Cemetery                
Noble Cemetery                
Old Calvary Cemetery                
Old Fidelis Cemetery aka Copeland Cemetery                
Peadon Cemetery                
Phillips Cemetery                
Pine Grove Baptist Church Cemetery N30 54.450 W087 00.650 30.907497 -87.010828       YES North side of Pine Grove Rd just before the curve
Pine Level Baptist Church Cemetery N30 52.888 W087 10.406 30.881463 -87.173429       YES NE corner of Pine Level Church Rd & Harvest Rd
Pineview United Methodist Church Cemetery N30 48.658 W087 06.533 30.810973 -87.108882       YES At the curve on Pineview Church Rd north of Hwy 89
Pleasant Grove Cemetery                
Pleasant Home Baptist Church Cemetery N30 44.450 W086 52.822 30.740826 -86.880371       YES At the sharp curve on Pleasant Home Rd
Richardson Cemetery                
Robinson Point Cemetery                
Rogers Cemetery N30 23.633 W087 01.200 30.393887 -87.019999       YES dirt drive off New Hope Rd just south of Bay Breeze Dr
Rose Hill Cemetery                
Rose Lawn Cemetery aka Forest Lawn Cemetery N30 23.122 W087 06.141 30.385365 -87.102353       YES 2942 Gulf Breeze Pkwy
Rushing Cemetery                
Rutherford Cemetery                
Saint Francis of Assissi Memorial Garden                
Sellersville Cemetery N30 59.583 W086 56.444 30.993048 -86.940739       YES North side of Sellersville Rd  east of Crystal Lane
Serenity Gardenss N30 39.673 W087 02.924 30.661218 -87.048741       YES East side of Stewart St (Hwy 87) north of Trammel Dr
Simmons Cemetery aka Concord Cemetery                
Springhill Assembly of God Cemetery                
Springhill Baptist Church Cemetery                
Springhill Methodist Church Cemetery aka Old Springhill Methodist N30 43.574 W087 13.361 30.726232 -87.222688       YES South side of Molino Bridge Rd across from Camp Rd
Strickland Cemetery N30 36.123 W087 05.375 30.602055 -87.089575       YES South side of Caroline St (Hwy 10/90)
Stump Springs Baptist Church Cemetery                
Sullivan Cemetery N30 50.039 W086 56.516 30.833978 -86.941941       YES East side of 3 Notch Trail north of Coldwater Horse Trail
Valley Grove Cemetery                
Walling Church Cemetery                
Walters Cemetery N30 51.391 W087 05.245 30.856511 -87.087411       YES SW corner of Singletary Rd & Walling Rd
Ward-Starling Family Cemetery                
Welcome Cemetery N30 37.008 W087 58.813 30.616805 -86.980223       YES South side of Welcome Rd east of Persimmon Hollow Rd
Whitfield Assembly of God Church Cemetery N30 53.101 W087 03.090 30.885017 -87.051501       YES West side of Hwy 87 north of Whitfield Rd
Williams Memorial Cemetery N30 35.643 W087 58.383 30.594054 -86.973047       YES South side of Hickory Hammock Rd across from Belleville Ct