The cemetery today known as the Teel Cemetery is quite possibly the original Conecuh River Baptist Church Cemetery.  Almost all historians agree that there was an earlier church and cemetery that sat closer to the Conecuh River (west of the current location), but in recent years the original site is said to have “disappeared”.  I feel that the original cemetery and the Teel Cemetery are one and the same for the following reasons:


1.      Bertie Padgett was the caretaker of the original Conecuh River Baptist church cemetery and is quoted in a newspaper article as saying that the original church sat 1/4 mile west of the present cemetery and had four cedar trees, one in each corner to help keep it clean.  Just a few years later, a survey describes the Teel Cemetery as being ¼ mile west of the present Conecuh River Baptist church cemetery with four cedar trees, one in each corner.

2.      Today there are 6 marked burials in this cemetery.  4 are Teels, one is Derinda Kinlaw, and 1 is modern memorial for Revolutionary War Patriot Jeremiah Dixon.  The Teels are not related to the Dixons or the Kinlaws.  Also Derinda Kinlaw’s obituary reads “…she and her husband indentified themselves with the Conecuh River church, and lived a consistant member for over half a century.” 

3.      The Teel Cemetery is located on land that John Teel homesteaded on 9/1/1860 being NE ¼ SE ¼ of Sec 22 T3N R14E.  The current cemetery is in the NW ¼  SW ¼ of Sec 23 T3N R14E, land that was homestead by Sarah Hart on 11/28/1900.

4.      Local residents have stated that after the flood of 1929, people were asked to move their previously deceased relatives to the now functioning current cemetery.  The Dixons did not want to disturb their relatives. 

5.      People seem to have accepted the belief of one local historian who insists that the Teel family had “nothing at all to do with the Conecuh River church because they were Union Sympathizers.”  End of story, period.  This same individual also insists that the Bennett Teel buried in this cemetery was married to Sis Floyd when in reality Bennett Teel was single when he died and Sis Floyd was Bennett Teel’s sister, Melvine “Sis” Teel Floyd.  He also is adamant that Henry Vacious Teel’s name is pronounced “Vay Cuss” and says Henry Vacious Teel’s daughter, Addie Lee Hughes, and numerous nieces are wrong in pronouncing it “Voysch”.