The Last Will and Testament of Jacob Kaler


March Second 1904

Sandusky Township, Crawford County Ohio

I Jacob Kaler being of sound mind and disposing memory and aware of the uncertainty of life do make and publish this as my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke all former wills made by me.

First) I desire that all my children receive the property of which I die seized.  Share and share alike, and I having made no advancement to any of them it is my will that one third of my property go to the heirs of the body of my daughter, Mary Elisabeth French, namely, Maggie, Hile Alton, and Raymond, except that out of said one third part of my estate I desire that my executor purchase and erect a monument at the grave of my said daughter Mary Elisabeth and also at the grave of her deceased child George French the total cost of said stones not to exceed sixty dollars.

I give to my son John Frank Kaler the one third of all my estate.

I give to my daughter Lettie May Pfahler the one third of all my estate.

I desire that all just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my estate before the same shall be given to my children.  Further I will that my daughter Lettie May Pfahler and her children live in the homestead house for a term of two years from my death.  Further I desire that Lettie May Pfahler shall have ample room in the barn for one horse and one cow also room in the wagon house for her buggy or other vehicle.  I also desire that she be given use of the piece of ground lying west of the house and known as the potatoe patch also the garden and the enclosure around the house and the building.  There on the for the term of two years, I desire that my son John Frank Kaler farm the place for a period of one year from my death and deliver to Letter May Pfahler fifty bushels of wheat in one of the bins in the barn and one hundred bushels of corn in the crib.  I desire that Lettie May Pfahler’s cow be allowed to pasture with the other milch cows on the farm, and all other products of the farm shall be the property of John Frank Kaler.  I hereby nominate and appoint my son John Frank Kaler executor of my estate by giing suffiecient bond with power to sell the real estate or divide it if it can be done without loss.

Signed and sealed by Jacob Kaler as and for his last will and testament in our preasence and signed by us at his request and in his preasence as witnesses thereto.

This the second day of March 1904


Jacob Kaler

Mrs. W. L. Frye

O. B. Frye


Volume 12 Page 54