Bagley Woods Cemetery         N        
Balyeat Cemetery aka Harrison Baptist Cemetery Glenmore N40 51.295 W084 41.338 40.85492 -84.68897 N     Y West side of Bergner Rd north of US 224
Cooper Cemetery         N     N Section 30 Tully Twp
Dix Cemetery Convoy N40 53.119 W084 38.967 40.885321 -84.649457 N     Y South side of Lincoln Hwy just west of Richey Rd
Dunkard Cemetery aka German Baptist Cemetery Scott N40 56.784 W084 30.073 40.9464 -84.501213 N     Y North side of Wetzel Rd just west of Defiance Trail Rd
East Wren Cemetery aka St Mary's Cemetery aka Youngs Colored Cemetery   N40 47.703 W084 45.084 40.795056 -84.751401 N     Y Very south end of Cemetery Rd south off of Wren-Landeck Rd
Evangelical Protestant Cemetery Glenmore N40 49.362 W084 42.310 40.822708 -84.705173 N     Y North side of German Church Rd east of Convoy Heller Rd
Feigert Family Cemetery         N     N Section 34 Harrison Twp, North side of German Church Rd - no visible stones
Field Cemetery         N     N Section 31 York Twp
Fissel Lauth Cemetery Elgin N40 43.294 W084 23.833 40.721572 -84.397222 N     Y West side of Bockey Rd right across from Hoch Rd
Fletcher Cemetery Wren N40 46.735 W084 45.959 40.778915 -84.765978 N     Y West side of Clayton Rd right across from Ainsworth Rd
German Giessler Family Cemetery                  
Glenn Presbyterian Cemetery Glenmore N40 51.545 W084 42.459 40.859089 -84.707653 N     Y NW corner of SR 49 & Harrison Center Rd
Goodwin Cemetery Elgin N40 44.900 W084 27.677 40.74834 -84.461288 N     Y South side of Elgin Converse Rd west of Venedocia St Marys Rd
Greenbriar Cemetery Glenmore N40 46.304 W084 46.864 40.771727 -84.697735 N     Y NE corner of Willshire-Ohio City Rd & Glenmore Rd
Hance Cemetery Elgin N40 42.851 W084 24.808 40.714184 -84.413459 N     Y North side of SR 117 east of Biner Rd
Horeb Cemetery Middle Point N40 48.045 W084 26.003 40.800748 -84.433381 N     Y SW corner of Wren-Landeck Rd & Horeb Rd
IOOF (International Order Of Odd Fellows) Cemetery aka Township Cemetery   N40 55.859 W084 42.072 40.930988 -84.701195 N     Y SW corner of Mentzer Rd & Lincoln Hwy
King Cemetery Middle Point N40 51.974 W084 26.128 40.866238 -84.435462 N     Y East side of Middle Point Wetzel Rd south of Lincoln Hwy
Kings Bethleham Cemetery Dixon N40 53.037 W084 47.056 40.883945 -84.784273 N     Y East side of Kings Church Rd south of Wolfcale Rd
Klein-Custer-Walters-Stillwagon Cemetery         N     N Stones removed to Woodlawn Cemetery Section A
Kuhl-Scheidt-Fox Cemetery         N     N Liberty Township Section 25, stones removed
McClure - Sheets Cemetery Wren N40 52.458 W084 46.790 40.874299 -84.779833 N     Y North side of Monmouth Rd east of Kings Church Rd
McClure-Dowler Cemetery                 Union Township Section 33, stones removed
McNeal Cemetery Dixon N40 58.562 W084 45.733 40.976027 -84.76221 N     Y North side of Lincoln Hwy (US 30) west of Elm Sugar Rd
Mentzer Cemetery Dixon N40 55.862 W084 45.875 40.931029 -84.764589 N     Y East side of Mentzer Church Rd just south of Mentzer Rd
Mohr Cemetery Scott N40 57.123 W084 33.746 40.952043 -84.562429 N     Y West side of Hoaglin Rd south of Mohr Rd
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Wetsel N40 57.097 W084 29.773 40.951624 -84.496219 N     Y East side of Slane Rd south of Defiance Trail
Olive Branch Cemetery aka Mount Olive Cemetery         N     N Liberty Township Section 33 no longer there
Pancake-Richey-Reidenbach Cemetery         N     N Harrison Twp, Section 4, some stones moved to Harrison Baptist Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Cemetery aka Plank Cemetery Rockford N40 43.690 W084 44.500 40.728166 -84.741667 N     Y North side of US 33 across from Hill Rd
Pring-Peace-Springer Cemetery aka 27 Mile Cemetery         N     N Willshire Twp, Section 7, sign off Sheets Rd back a dirt drive, bad condition
Ramsey Cemetery         N     N Harrison Twp, Section 16, no longer there
Redeemer Lutheran Cemetery Convoy N40 53.287 W084 43.326 40.888123 -84.722102 N     Y NW corner of Wolfcale Rd & Stamen Rd
Ridge Cemetery Rockford N40 52.667 W084 28.225 40.877787 -84.470421 N     Y South side of Lincoln Hwy across from Baker Rd
Ridge Slater Cemetery Wetsel N40 44.550 W084 40.553 40.742499 -84.675887 N     Y NE corner of Rhodes Mill Rd & SR 81
Saint Johns Cemetery aka Klien Cemetery Convoy N40 53.283 W084 43.049 40.888046 -84.717489 N     Y North side of Wolfcale Rd east of Stamen Rd
Schumm Cemetery aka Zion Lutheran Cemetery Glenmore N40 45.053 W084 43.629 40.750878 -84.727142 N     Y East side of Schumm Rd north of Willshire Eastern Rd
Scott Cemetery aka Oakland Cemetery   N40 59.359 W084 35.757 40.989312 -84.595943 N     Y South side of Van  Wert Paulding Co Line Rd west of Dutch John Rd
Smith Cemetery aka Hileman Cemetery   N40 44.533 W084 43.631 40.742209 -84.727178 N     Y South side of SR 81 across from Schumm Rd
Sugar Ridge Cemetery Convoy N40 56.304 W084 41.889 40.938399 -84.69815 N     Y South side of Pollock Rd east of Lincoln Hwy
Taylor Cemetery Scott N40 56.534 W084 34.541 40.94224 -84.57569 N     Y West side of US 127 south of Dixon Cavet Rd
Van Wert Mausoleum         N     Y Torn down and bodies moved to Woodland Cemetery
Venedocia Cemetery Middle Point N40 47.181 W084 27.692 40.786352 -84.461535 N     Y West side of SR 116 south of Rottweiller Dr.
Wallick Cemetery aka Granger Cemetery aka Rowland Cemetery Van Wert N40 47.239 W084 34.271 40.787322 -84.571186 N     Y East side of Greenville Rd
Walnut Grove Cemetery Van Wert       N     N Destroyed and plowed under
Westside Cemetery Delphos N40 50.714 W084 21 056 40.845226 -84.350932 N     Y NW corner of SR 667 (N. State St) & 3rd St
Willshire Cemetery Willshire N40 44.630 W084 47.130 40.743838 -84.785493 N     Y North side of US 33 east of SR 49
Willshire Mausoleum   N40 44.618 W084 47.117 40.74363 -84.78529 N     Y South edge of Willshire Cemetery
Woodland Union Cemetery Van Wert N40 52.094 W084 36.961 40.86823 -84.616024 N     Y North side of Factory Rd east of US 224
Woodlawn Cemetery aka Ohio City Cemetery Glenmore N40 46.465 W084 37.661 40.774425 -84.627687 N     Y East side of Liberty Union Rd north of Willshire Ohio City Rd
Wren Cemetery Wren N40 48.069 W084 46.624 40.801142 -84.777063 N     Y North side of W. Jackson St west of SR 49
Wren Mausoleum   N40 48.363 W084 46.507 40.806043 -84.775121 N     Y East side of SR 49 north of Wren
Wright Cemetery Middle Point N40 45.275 W084 26.126 40.754586 -84.435431 N     Y North side of Elgin Converse Rd west of Masters Rd